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  • We use this every day as a stand-in for love and the human heart.


  • But it doesn't really look like the real thing.


  • Zackary Crokett at Priceonomics has looked into the history of this.

    Priceonomics 的 Zackary Crokett 探究了這個符號的歷史。

  • He says that there are relics resembling the heart shape from 3000 BC, but these shapes stood for ivy or fig leaves, not the heart.

    他說西元前 3000 年就有些與愛心符號相似的古文物,但它們象徵了長春藤或無花果樹葉,而不是心臟。

  • It wasn't until several centuries later that the heart became a symbol representing "love".


  • But the problem, was they didn't really know what the heart looked like,


  • partially because of the Catholic Church prohibited autopsies.


  • So, when artists tried to draw the heart as a symbol of love, like in this French manuscript from 1250, it looked like this.

    因此當藝術家嘗試畫出心型來代表愛的象徵,像這幅 1250 年法國畫稿中顯示,它長得像這樣。

  • By the time detailed anatomical drawings appeared, like those of Leonardo Da Vinci in the early 16th century, the simplified symbol had already taken root.

    到精細的心臟解剖圖出現時, 例如達文西在 16 世紀早期所繪製的心臟圖,這個簡化的符號早就已經被廣泛使用。

  • It became a popular image in Catholic symbolism as well as secular things like decks of cards.


  • Eventually, New York City's 1977 campaign turned the heart symbol into a verb.

    最後,紐約市 1977 年的競選廣告將愛心符號轉化為動詞使用。

  • "I love New York," replacing the word "love".


  • Now it's used in everything romantic:


  • Valentine's Day cards, emojis, chocolate.


  • But you can also find it in video games, on twitter, and in ads for heart-healthy food.


  • It might be a poor likeness for the human heart, but that's what makes it such an enduring and versatile symbol.


We use this every day as a stand-in for love and the human heart.


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愛心符號不像心臟!那是怎麼來的? (How the heart became ♥)

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