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  • Hi, I'm Francis,

  • the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."

  • Let’s prepare the Japanese pumpkin also called kabocha squash.

  • Scrape out the seeds with a spoon.

  • Place the cut side on the cutting board and remove the skin with a knife.

  • Hold the pumpkin tightly and be careful not to cut yourself.

  • If the skin is too hard to remove,

  • microwave the pumpkin a minute at a time until it becomes soft enough to peel.

  • Remove the remaining skin with a peeler.

  • This will help the pumpkin potage have a beautiful orange color.

  • Cut the pumpkin vertically in half.

  • Divide each of the halves into 2 slices.

  • Cut the slices into half inch blocks.

  • Next cut the onion in half.

  • Remove the basal plate part of the root.

  • Slice the onion across the grain into thin slices.

  • Let’s cook the Japanese pumpkin.

  • Drop the butter (1 tbsp) into the heated pot, coating the bottom thoroughly.

  • Add the onion slices (80g).

  • Sauté on medium heat until lightly brown.

  • Drop in the pumpkin blocks (400g)

  • and continue to sauté for 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Add the water (200ml) to the pot.

  • Crumble the chicken bouillon cube into the mixture.

  • Distribute it evenly among the vegetables with a paddle.

  • Bring to a boil on high heat.

  • Skim off the foam with a mesh strainer to reduce any bitterness.

  • Reduce the heat,

  • cover and simmer on low for about 10 minutes.

  • Remove the lid.

  • If the pumpkin looks soft enough to mash,

  • turn off the burner.

  • Add the milk (200ml) to the pot.

  • With a hand blender, mash the pumpkin until smooth and creamy.

  • A paddle or a hand mixer would do the same job

  • or you can also mash the pumpkin through a fine mesh strainer.

  • Turn on the burner

  • and heat the potage over medium heat while occasionally stirring.

  • Add the whipping cream (2~3 tbsp).

  • Sprinkle on the salt

  • and pepper.

  • Lightly mix with the paddle,

  • turn off the burner and it is ready to serve.

  • Ladle the pumpkin potage into a bowl.

  • Wipe off any drips with a kitchen cloth

  • and place the bowl on a coaster.

  • Sprinkle on the pepper.

  • Finally, top with the crumbled crackers.

  • Enjoy plenty of nutritious pumpkins.

  • They will help maintain your beauty and health.

  • From children to elderly people, this is an all time favorite dish!

  • Good luck in the kitchen!

Hi, I'm Francis,


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