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  • You put my tony's Travel, oh yeah I'm

  • Gonna Go Back man Really Gets in There Sure yeah yeah can, We get a check Please hope you Enjoyed everything here's the Check yeah

  • What are you doing Guys no no I

  • Got it I got it I got it you're Visiting [Bateman] I got it that's Exactly why

  • I wanted it hey I'm Never in Town Let Me Pay you'll Pay next Time Excuse Me don't take his Card

  • He Pay Today yeah Look I know yes You're being Silly you're right Shit she Can be

  • [Sooner] Please hi I'm gonna Pay for this with my friends

  • No, no, you're not going about a man [hold] on man to man I need [the] [Papers] hey

  • It's all good Bro the next one You get you deserve Me Know Exactly I'm Talking about

  • Can i [please] [Pay] I'm Gonna have to Pay for it what is it was it Something I?

  • Gotta Pay for This Watch Is how it goes Let me Just, don't be Silly sir you know

  • Me doing you crying you're Crying because I'm

  • Good hey hey, hey -

  • You become poor, no

  • You Think I'm Broke not something to do with that [I] just Courtesy I'm Just Trying to

  • Does that Make you feel Better about you Say all right Let me Feel Better

  • All Right no Problem you Pay [use] your car

  • Now you listen to me okay, do you know who I am

  • My Cousin you know my father's

  • and my uncle

  • Bro nice Guy [a] nice Guy, Yeah you know Where I got this sweater

  • um Gap Maybe

  • Abercrombie you know, One of Those Didn't want to eat this Morning and then We'll meal Banana any What kind of car I drive

  • yes Smart Car the Yellow smart Cards

  • Parked Outside Funny More

  • so, were you uh are you going With all this I'm Paying the Damn Bill okay so put your Card away and Comply

  • Waiter I'm so sorry about Think I'm sorry

  • oh

  • Guys Sorry Cash only no Cards, oh

  • my Gosh

  • No no I got I got it right here it's right I got it Bro

  • There's The next [One] You get the next I got it right I already got it's okay, okay, well I got it's, okay?

You put my tony's Travel, oh yeah I'm


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A2 初級 美國腔

支付賬單|安瓦爾-吉巴維和魯迪-曼庫索。 (Paying for the Bill | Anwar Jibawi & Rudy Mancuso)

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