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In the late 90s,
and early 2000s,
there was actually a pretty good chance that someone shopping for a PC was buying one for the first time.
Maybe to check out that newfangled internet. These days though, not only does pretty much every household in the US already
have a computer, but with the slow iterative improvement that Intel has been making over the last 5 years,
unless it's a pretty darn old one,
It probably does everything they really need it to do,
and an upgrade to the latest hardware would be unlikely to bring about a worthwhile increase in performance,
but AMD's Ryzen promised to give people a reason to upgrade again bringing more
processing cores than ever before, to lower price points than ever before.
So now that the whole lineup is available, is it actually worth the upgrade for you?
We've got the answer and you can watch the video for it, or you can just click the l-
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Performance aside,
Ryzen's early bugs prevented us from issuing a full-on
recommendation, but the good news today,
is that many of the issues present at Ryzen 7's launch have now been fixed,
as long as you don't try using RAM faster than 3200 MHz,
which we've tested to be the point of greatly diminishing returns anyway.
And this is great because there are reasons to upgrade to a new system beyond raw CPU speed,
both mechanical and solid-state drives slow down over time,
or, maybe you've got a bad capacitor somewhere causing weird stability issues or maybe you just want more modern features like
M.2 drive support and native USB 3.1 10 Gb, the last of which is actually unique to AMD's platform at this time.
Now our initial testing of each Ryzen product has consistently put AMD's offerings in the same general
Ballpark as the blue team's similarly priced modern counterparts typically trading off per thread performance
for sometimes vastly superior
multi-threaded performance with background tasks like
encoding and streaming gameplay simultaneously benefiting dramatically
you can see just how much in our stream quality
Investigation here so AMD likes to think that all of this makes for a very compelling deal
But how does Ryzen stack up against your old battlestation?
We've grabbed four common CPUs off the shelf
Since the turn of the decade
To answer this question once and for all now as we dive in with gaming and single threaded workloads
we can already see how the trade-off between per thread and
multi-threading impacts Ryzen it generally trails behind even Intel's older hardware and games
but beats even Intel's newest offerings in multi-threaded workloads
So if you're a gamer running an older Core i5 or Core i7 and you aren't a streamer
And you're not interested in any of the platform improvements
Honestly, you might be better off investing in some more cool games to play or like a new wireless mouse or something
With that said if you're in the never Intel camp and during AMD user who's been waiting and waiting for a compelling upgrade
Go ahead pull the trigger and feel good about it now. Let's look at the productivity and creative workloads
Wow if your use case
Isn't purely gaming it's pretty much a sure thing that you're gonna realize some kind of noticeable performance
benefit from an upgrade to Ryzen as
We observed in our launch reviews even compared to Intel's latest and greatest in today's
multitasking world especially risin 5 and rise in seven are an absolute breath of fresh air
Ryzen delivers a strong value for multitaskers and content creators pretty much across the board
Now we could have just left our comparison there
But it's pretty common practice as a system nears its best before date to try to squeeze a little more life out of it through
Overclocking so we decided to take advantage of Ryzen's across the board overclocking support and run all the tests again
against the older CPUs also overclocked
overall the story here is actually pretty similar to be honest Intel CPUs even going back five years are
Great for gaming and turning up the juice on them wasn't going to change that
With that said for the folks with mixed workloads, you know 3D animator by day gamer by night
those guys
will be really happy to see Ryzen continue to dominate the workloads that they need to make money and
Close the gap somewhat in games pushing more of the system bottleneck onto the GPU
So it comes down then to what matters most to you
Intel is the undisputed gaming king
And even folks with 2nd or 3rd gen Core i5s and i7s
Wouldn't see enough
performance benefit to justify an upgrade to Ryzen
and sadly outside of some edge cases like high refresh rate 1080p gaming that kind of applies to Intel's latest too,
but if you're an AMD user or
Your work relies on multi-threading or heavy multitasking, then you'll find that Ryzen has a lot to offer and without
unforgivable sacrifices in gaming
Especially if you pair it with a B or X-series motherboard and a decent cooler
So you can take advantage of XFR and overclocking to get the most out of it
so then as I mentioned before you'll find some good better best combo recommendations for your shopping convenience links below
and enjoy your new CPU
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So thanks for watching guys if you dislike this video you can hit that button
But if you liked it hit the like button get subscribed maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link
In the video description also down there
You'll find cool shirts like this one at our merch store and our community forum where you can talk shop with other tech enthusiasts


電腦 (Should YOU Upgrade to Ryzen?)

159 分類 收藏
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