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(bright music)
When I'm running backwards, it almost feels like I'm flying
because it's such a different visual perspective,
seeing how far I've gone as opposed to how far I need to go.
When you're going backwards you can really just
take a step back, literally, and enjoy what you're doing.
(playful music)
Hi, I'm Aaron Yoder.
I'm a backwards runner.
I have the world record for the fastest mile ran backwards.
My fastest backwards mile time is
five minutes and 54 seconds.
I've been running forward for over 20 years.
I started running competitively
when I was in elementary school,
and then ran on scholarship during my early twenties.
I ran so much that I sustained a knee injury.
My doctor told me to stop running,
and I really didn't wanna stop,
so I knew I had to make some sorta change.
(upbeat music)
Retro running or backwards running is where
you're literally just running in reverse,
and there's no impact on my knee.
I run backwards everywhere.
I run backwards on the treadmill,
I run backwards on the track,
and also out on country roads.
Backwards running feels great on my knee
I don't feel anything,
which is a reason why I really enjoy it.
Stay tall, knee up.
There we go.
Stand up, good job.
When I'm coaching my track team,
I occasionally have them run backwards
as to enhance and diversify their training workouts.
Onward and upward, good job.
Way to go, good warm up there.
There's more backwards runners out there
than one would think.
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people
that decide to run in reverse.
The last World Championships there were
over 20 countries represented and close to 200 athletes.
Backwards running has allowed me to see things
in a little bit different perspective.
In a world where everyone goes forward
and I'm going backwards, it's really allowed me
to just get back to competing against myself
and not be so concerned when other people are doing it,
and I found great gratification in the fact that
I'm just competing against my own shadow.
(bright music)


全世界最快的 (倒退) 跑者 (Meet the World’s Fastest (Backwards) Runner)

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HsiangLanLee 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 24 日    HsiangLanLee 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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