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Hello guys and welcome to my channel
In this video I'm going to talk about TV shows
that helped me learn new English vocabulary
There are lots of words that I still do not know
that are from particular topics of our lives
I don't feel this urge to actually sit down and learn them
but there're certain things that I can do every day
to imrpove my english
and you can totally do that
this thing is super easy
is just watching a TV show in English
I'm going to talk about my most favourite TV shows
that hook me up, that make me watch them everyday
and because I'm watching them everyday in English, I'm learning new words everytime
If you're interested, please continue watching this video
The first show I'm going to talk about is the Silicon Valley
because I live in San Fransisco and the Silicon Valley is really close
some people consider San Fransisco part of the Silicon Valley
There're loads of offices here and I also run my own start up
The Silicon Valley show is a high-light of my weekend
Becuase every sunday I wait for the new show to come out
They always talk about a lot of things that I connect with the start up life
like fund raising and legal stuff
and actually the Silicon Valley life
and there're so many particular things that you can learn from the show
What?! If I told you there's an app on the market that very...
No-no! You wait till you're inside, ok?
You haven't even got a bottle of water yet
Head in, I'll meet you in there. I just need to finish this call.
Sure. Cool with "K"
For example, pitching your company
you will hear a lot of pitches during the show
you will learn how to make the elevator pitch
you will see bad examples of pitching your company just like this one
you would be able, if you are running your company
you would be able to imagine yourself in the same situation
Jin Yang, what are you doing? This is Palo Alto
People are lunatics about smoking here!
You don't enjoy all the freedoms that you have in China
Also the Silicon Valley show talks a lot about the Silicon Valley culture
like drinking kombucha
I actually have
an empty bottle just here with me
About quitting smoking because nobody smokes here
Everyone is about healthy lifestyle
Houses that they show are really typical for the Silicon Valley
They talk about pricing
They actually use the actual meeting spots
For example, the Forth Season's hotel in Palo Alto
It was in some series of the show
It really gives this insight in the Silicon Valley lifestyle
Well done
So, what kind of terms do you think she's gone lay on us?
There's a lot of work to do
But you certainly knew how to play your audience. So...
I'd say it looks good
And as I said Silicon Valley show has a lot of
vocabulary that is connected to fund raising like
which is an offer from you to investor
with your company's valuation, with how much money they gona invest
Guys, if you're dreaming of running your company in the Silicon Valley
Or if you're interested in IT stuff
Silicon Valley is a must-see show
I love it. It's my number one right now.
The second show that I really like
and where I take all of my legal vocabulary from is the Suits
I have started watching them back, I think, in 2013
If you're interested in becoming a layer in the States
I think this the first thing you should start with
Watch the Suits
You will get aquainted with the Legal culture
With the East Coast culture
It's completely different from the Silicon Valley
Everybody wears suits - the Suits
And those layers, they drive cool cars, they go to cool parties
This will give you an impression of how the best law firms function in the United States
They want a trial? I'll give'em a goddamn trial
You're on it
The example of words that you can learn from this movie is
When you go to trial you actually go to the court room
And negotiate with the judge and present yourself
Yup, you know what I'm talking about, right?
How they talk to the judge. They call the judge "Your Honor"
So all of those legal things, legal lifestyle
I would say Silicon Valley is for intermediate/upper-intermediate
This - I would say upper-intermediate level of English
because there're loads of specific words that you would not know
sometimes they would prevent you from understanding the plot
if you're an intermediate and want watch The Suits
I would recommend switching on English subtitles
Your Honor, this the fraudulent attorney I spoke with you about before trial
We asked that he'd rather refrain from speaking
or be removed from the court with an immediate rulling
to dismiss this case with prejudice
Other words that I've learned from this show
"Stop the case". All of those lexics
Which means that you have some particular attitude to the case
before you actually start the case
so you have some of your own interets
This is, by the way, how I advise you guys to translate the words
do not translate them into your own language but try to guess
their meaning from the context...
and maybe use english-to-english vocabulary so you would be able
to learn the word with its meaning and not with its translation into your own language
Rachel, what's going on?
I am not getting into the bar
We have a problem. This is about Mike
I have a way to get you into the bar. Who wants to catch?
What do you mean - no? What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me is I don't feel like going back to prison
Another very importnat topic in this show is taking
The exam that you need to get into Master's in Legal Education in the United States
The exam that you need to take to become a layer in the States
And they actually shot a real bar exam
so they show how the experience look like
And they show Rachael who is the main character
Their preparing for LSAT
And I know many people are, who are watching this vlog, will be taking some of those exams
So I think it's really useful
And even if you don't have anything to do with the Legal sphere
Like me, for example, it was still really good time
for me watching The Suits
The next show is actually the first show I started watching in English
This is the first show that I've seen from the very beginning up to the very end
So I started with House MD and the I went onto Sex in the City
But House MD was very helpful in terms of medical English
and in terms of understanding how American medical system works.
Becuase when you watch House MD, you get an idea how
Doctor's cabinet looks like, how a doctor talks to you
You're using your inhaler?
All the time. Count through one a week.
You're sure you're using it right?
Do I look like an idiot?
Why don't you show me how your inhaler works.
And there're loads of words that you can learn from House MD
For example, the easiest one is INHALER - the thing that you use to fight your asthma
Others like names of diseases
I feel this is really helpful, it also helped me
When I came here
I knew how the medical system in America worked
Becuase I watched like 6 seasons of House MD
You are learning new medical stuff
You're learning how to describe different deseases
Definitely watch House MD
They also talk about medical exam so if you're looking to become a doctors in the States
This is the number one thing that you should do
How long has your daughter had trouble breathing?
About a week now
The best dads wait two or more
Yeah, no, it's not like it's serious
I checked online and it's asthma or something
Or something is the number one killer of teens with no medical degree
Needless to say his humour is amazing
You're gona laugh for hunderds of times during just one episode
You're gona love it
So House MD - please watch if you're interested in medical English.
The forth show is the House of Cards.
House of Cards is the show where you get aquainted with an American political system
You see a guy who wants to become a president
How he actually becomes president
though sabotage
gossip, bribes, whatever
All of the hidious political schemes
They are shown is this show
There are loads of things that you can learn from it as well
My personal favourite
is how the main actor says - yes
This is this East Coast accent, I guess
an upper class accent
So his tone - you have to listen to it
You, J.Underwood,
you solemnly swear
I, Franscis J. Underwood do solemnly swear
That I will faithfully execute
That I will faithfully execute
The Office of President
of the United States
The Office of Pre...yes, here we go again
Secretary of States, that's what I wanted
That's all I wanted
That's what I was promised
And now, here I am - President of these United States
As you know guys, I come from Russia
And they say, our president - Vladimir Putin - has actually watched this show
I guess if you're a politician or you want to become a politician, interested in Politics
House of Cards - must-see
the only thing that you should know is that
English there is really complicated
There are times when I do not get what they mean
And I guess, your level should be advanced to watch it
without vocabulary
or you should watch it subtitles
maybe sometimes even in your own language
Because there're some many things, if you're not good in Politics
understanding them in a foreign language like English
would make it even more diffcult
please feel free to try and let me know
if you have already seen House of Cards
Let me know if you're getting the idea of what they're trying to say
And the last but not the least in the Madman
the Madman is the show about marketing and advertizing in the united States in the 60s
Everything takes place in New York
New York in the 60s is amazing, like the fashion that they have there
And the music is adorable
But the most important thing there is that they teach you
How to tell a story
Storytelling is a really important skill for any enterpreneur
Becuase you need to tell a story to your customers
You need to tell a story to your investors
You need a story to your partners
In the Madman you see the main character - Don Draper
presenting, everyday he's presenting to
his company is an advertizing company
He's presenting advertizing ideas to their clients
it's clean, simple
and it's tindalizingy incomplete
what's missing? - one thing
pass the Heinz
You mean the Heinz ketchup?
It's Heinz, it only means one thing
it feels like half an ad
the greatest thing you have working for you is not the
photo you take or the picture you paint
it's the imagination of the consumer
they have no budget, they have no time limit
and if you can get into that space, your ad can run all day
And you know what? Heinz actually bought that ad from the movie creators
they paid them a lot of money
They actually placed it on air
So I think great job was done behind that show
So if you're interested in Marketing. If you're interested in how people create Ads
and how creative marketing works
The Madman is definitely something you need to see
So these are my top 5 favourite shows to learn English
I've given you some examples how to learn English through watching TV shows
Let me know which TV shows you are watching
Or if you have watched any of those that I have mentioned
I hope you guys enjoyed watching this viedo
Please, don't forget to like it
And don't forget to subscribe to my channel
If you want to learn English everyday, please consider visiting linguatrip.com
for language courses all over the world and skype tuition
Let me know what you think and I'll see you in the next videos. Bye!


基础英语 (BEST TV SHOWS TO LEARN ENGLISH - vocabulary, hacks, topics)

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