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  • Now we are going to answer some fan questions.

  • Yes.

  • Is that okay, you ready?

  • Yes it is.

  • All right, great.

  • Firsthand question from @bennyfactor, on Twitter,

  • asks, "Do you prefer San Pellegrino or Perrier

  • "or some other sparkling mineral water

  • "that we've never heard of?"

  • @bennyfactor, on Twitter,

  • asks what kind of sparkling water do I prefer.

  • Well, in fact, benny, the answer is quite complex.

  • It differs according to my mood.

  • I can tell you this.

  • If I am drinking sparkling water on it's own,

  • I might prefer San Pellegrino,

  • which is an Italian sparkling water.

  • I like San Pellegrino under that circumstance.

  • I could tell you that my favorite sparkling water

  • to drink after espresso is the German Gerolsteiner water,

  • which is quite a freak of nature.

  • The mineral content is so incredibly high,

  • over 2,000 parts per million total dissolved solids,

  • also known as TDS and the mineral content is so high,

  • in fact, that if you were to drink a Liter of it a day

  • you would have a quarter

  • of your daily requirement of magnesium.

  • And magnesium is a very difficult mineral to obtain.

  • Supplementing orally is inefficient.

  • I rub magnesium lotion all over my body

  • to make use of transdermal absorption.

  • People don't understand; sometimes they use

  • artificial products that they rub on their skin,

  • like certain sunscreens and lotions and they say,

  • "It's okay, I'm not eating it, it's on my skin",

  • but whatever you put on your skin

  • goes into your bloodstream.

  • For example, people wearing nicotine patch

  • and other medication patches for a

  • very direct absorption to the bloodstream.

  • For example, cavemen used to swim in the ocean all the time

  • and the ocean is a rich source of magnesium.

  • That transdermal exposure

  • gave the cavemen the magnesium they needed.

  • Now swimming in the ocean has fallen out of favor

  • for most of us and therefore other methods are necessary.

  • Organ meats have also fallen out of favor,

  • another rich dietary source of magnesium.

  • Nevertheless, Gerolsteiner, to me,

  • has such a dense minerality that perfectly suits

  • the bitter complexity that you get

  • from drinking an espresso.

  • Wow, okay, do you just get it from the internet.?

  • The great thing about Gerolsteiner

  • is it's so readily available.

  • It can be found at every Trader Joe's store

  • that I've been to.

  • It can be found at Whole Foods.

  • I think it costs $1.49 at Trader Joe, $1.69 at whole foods.

  • Oh my God.

  • However, if you buy a case of Gerolsteiner water

  • at Whole Foods they give you anunadvertised

  • 10% case discount, bringing the price down

  • 17 cents per Liter.

Now we are going to answer some fan questions.


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CONAN-Jordan Schlansky關於氣泡水的說法。 (CONAN-Jordan Schlansky On Sparkling Water)

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