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hey guys it's Iris
so a while ago I was on reddit
and I saw this news titling
in Australia, staying loyal to Taiwan can
mean losing a job

and it was about a waitress who actually shares the first name with me
she was working at a barbecue restaurant in Sydney when a customer asked her
are you Chinese?
she said no I'm Taiwanese

and she was never given another shift after that
same thing happened to another waitress who was working at a Chinese restaurant
her manager asked her is Taiwan part of China
she said no definitely not
a Canadian friend actually saw this news and he asked me
he was so confused
what was the big deal?
and honestly I had no idea where to begin to explain

how complicated the situations are from the very beginning of the history
at the same time
I felt very happy that these Taiwanese people are standing up for themselves in a foreign country
after reading this book called the Taiwanese Psyche
written by a psychologist who has
his own clinic in the United States

I really understood the Taiwanese psyche
and it just gave me a sense of realization

how powerless we Taiwanese feel sometimes
on the February 28th 1947
which we refer to as 228 in Taiwan

the intellectuals and students who were suppressed violently even killed on that day by the KMT Republic of China government
the idea of participating in any sort of political activities is dangerous really stuck
I remember vividly that my mom told me
when she was in school the students would be fined if they spoke Taiwanese in school
because the government at the
time wanted to press on the education of Chinese language

I think that also stuck to us until the present day because
a lot of times I get this image that it is embarrassing or even shameful to speak Taiwanese among the younger generations
and what the media in Taiwan referring China as mainland China or simply mainland
how would the people in Taiwan not be affected by these thoughts and perspectives
this just adds even more to our powerlessness
as time goes
this weakness of attitude will actually become a weakness of character

of course I'm not saying that being Taiwanese
our self-identity is all about politics our
self-identity is beyond politics

we as Taiwanese have our own distinctive

whether it's the aboriginals or the immigrants from Southeast Asia
we are kind and accepting
we have our own values and that
it's something to stand for

and you're probably thinking
so what are you doing as a Taiwanese living in Canada

what are you doing for Taiwan's independence
it's a good argument

but I can also tell you that because we are so mingled with different people from different countries
that we are also potential subjects to expressing our political stance
one time I was in my Chinese friend's car
I don't know what exactly led us to this subject of Taiwan's independence
and I told him I truly believe Taiwan is not
part of China

immediately he got very angry and told me that if I spoke any more of it he would drop me off on the highway
my reaction was
yeah drop me off here drop me off and I will walk home

please open the door
if there's one thing that I learned from all these experiences is that
if you don't stand for something you will fall for everything
and I stand for the Taiwanese values
what about you


Taiwanese Identity: Who We Are is Beyond Politics

199 分類 收藏
Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 12 日
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