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  • Hi, I’m Daniel.

  • I’m a staff member here at Bibles for America.

  • And this is the New Testament Recovery Version.

  • The New Testament Recovery Version is a unique study Bible

  • designed with many useful features to help you read and study the Word of God.

  • We realize the Bible isn’t always easy to understand.

  • For instance, have you ever wondered why there are four gospels in the New Testament?

  • Why not just one?

  • The first footnote on Matthew 1:1,

  • explains how each Gospel highlights a different aspect of Christ.

  • The Gospel of Matthew testifies that He is the King,

  • the Christ of God prophesied in the Old Testament, who brings the kingdom of the heavens to the earth.

  • The Gospel of Mark tells us the He is the Servant of God laboring for God faithfully.

  • Mark’s account is most simple, for a servant does not warrant a detailed record.

  • The Gospel of Luke presents a full picture of Him as the only proper and normal man who ever lived on this earth;

  • as such a man, He is the Savior of mankind.

  • The Gospel of John unveils Him as the Son of God,

  • the very God Himself, who is life to God’s people.

  • This note helps us appreciate our Lord Jesus Christ and see the particular angle of each book as His biography.

  • This footnote and over 9,000 others really open up God’s word.

  • And there’s more!

  • The outlines, cross references, historical information, and charts and maps

  • all help you grasp the deeper meaning of the Scriptures.

  • These features, along with an accurate but readable translation in Modern English,

  • make this an excellent New Testament for both your personal and group Bible Study.

  • We here at Bibles for America are convinced!

  • The Recovery Version will truly help you get into the Word of God.

  • Were very happy to offer this Study Bible completely free of charge!

  • To anyone who wants to understand more of God’s word,

  • please order your free copy today.

Hi, I’m Daniel.


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新約聖經復原版 (The New Testament Recovery Version)

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