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  • I think you guys are going to get something new.

  • Very unexpected.

  • I have a record on there which is probably one of my favorite,

  • if not the favorite song on the album with Stephen Marley

  • and it's called "Options"

  • and it's got a different vibe to it and more than anything

  • it's an honor to work with one of the Marleys

  • and Bob being somebody that I've looked up to for so many years

  • and just the way that, you know, may he rest in peace-

  • or like they say, he transitioned his energy.

  • It's an honor like I said before to have this opportunity,

  • but it's also somebody I look at the way

  • he's raised his family, his estate, and his empire

  • under the radar with nothing but respect

  • and it's something that I would love- what I look forward to

  • and love to apply with my family and also business.

I think you guys are going to get something new.


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Pitbull詳述他與Stephen Marley的新歌,選項 (Pitbull Details His New Song With Stephen Marley, Options)

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