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  • Loads of people have talked about the International Standard Cup of Tea.


  • And there are hundreds of clickbait articles describing it, or ranting about how it's the wrong way to make tea, and there are lengthy infographics videos talking about it.


  • But, as far as I can tell, no-one has actually made a Standard Cup of Tea for the internet before.


  • And there are a couple of reasons for that: One, you have to either buy a copy of the standard, or visit a library that subscribes to the Standards online so you can write down the details.

    這背後有兩個原因:首先,你得先買一份 ISO 標準的紙本文件,或是造訪有訂閱國際標準化組織線上標準的圖書館,好讓你能把細節寫下來。

  • And two, it requires specialist equipment.


  • Most people in Britain make their tea by putting a teabag in a mug and then pouring boiling water on it.


  • If you want to be fancy, then you take a pre-warmed teapot, and you put some loose-leaf tea in it, like this stuff, and then you brew the tea in there, and then you pour the results through a strainer into a cup.


  • It's... it's fancy.

    這樣比較... 風雅一些。

  • But the standard, ISO 3103, doesn't ask for any of that.

    但 ISO 3130 標準可沒這些繁文縟節。

  • Instead, it uses a bit of equipment that most people won't even have heard of, which is a Professional Tea Tasting Set.


  • Now, the standard describes it in more technical terms, diagrams, and requirements of construction and weight and size and volume, but fortunately, I could just buy a set that matched the standard.


  • And the instructions for it are actually pretty simple: You measure out 2g of tea per 100ml of water, plus or minus 2%.

    而實際上針對茶水本身的指示則相當單純:每 100 毫升的水要用上 2 公克的茶葉,誤差必須在正負 2% 之間。

  • So for this, that means 2.8g, plus or minus .05g, which I worked out in advance because it took it ages to get it that precise.

    所以對這個杯子來說,我們要用上 2.8 公克的茶葉,誤差得在正負 0.05 公克之間。因為要量得如此精準實在曠日廢時,所以我已經先量好放在一旁了。

  • And then you combine that with either local or standardized water depending on what you're testing, by filling this little mug to the bottom of those serrations.


  • Also, you let it steep for six minutes, which seems a bit long, but hey, that's the standard.


  • [Time passes...]


  • Once your six minutes are up, you separate the 'liquor', as it's called, from the tea leaves by pouring it through the little serrations here into this cup.


  • Let's see if I can do it...


  • No, I can't!


  • But close enough.


  • They say that if you're adding milk, you should put it in first.


  • But this is green tea, so I'm not getting involved in that debate.


  • You drain it through there, and most of the leaves stay in the cup, and once it's drained, you can inspect the tea leaves.


  • And then you drink it not from the traditional cup, but from the bowl.


  • There is a separate standard, ISO 1839, on how you actually sample it, and what you report.

    有一個單獨出來的國際標準 ISO 1839 專門告訴你該如何品茶,並且該記錄下什麼特質。

  • And it tastes...


  • Tastes okay. It's just... okay.

    喝起來還可以。就... 很普通。

  • Because the standard isn't meant to make the perfect cup of tea or the most British cup of tea.


  • Every time the fact that there's a Standard for Tea does the rounds of the internet, loads of people misunderstand it as being prescriptive and saying "Everyone should make their tea this way," and they really shouldn't.


  • ISO 3103 is meant to make an okay but reproducible cup of tea.

    ISO 3103 的目的是讓人能泡出一杯普普通通,但能重複泡出來相同結果的茶。

  • It sets out instructions so that, whoever and wherever you are, you can create the same cup of tea as someone else in another time and place.


  • For regular tea at home? Make it however you want.


  • Stick a teabag in a mug. Put the milk in first or last. Use fancy china if you want.


  • Make your tea days in advance and then warm it up again in the microwave.


  • Don't... don't do that.

    不... 不要真的這麼做。

  • But it doesn't matter.


  • There is no perfect cup of tea; there's only the right one for you.


  • This here? This isn't perfect. Definitely isn't perfect, but as far as I can tell, this is the first International Standard Cup of Tea on the internet.


  • I don't actually like tea.


Loads of people have talked about the International Standard Cup of Tea.


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