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  • The Book of Deuteronomy was written mostly by Moses

  • some time between 1440 and 1400 B.C.

  • just before the Israelites entered the promised land.

  • Moses is facing a generation that did not live through

  • Israel's slavery in Egypt, their deliverance

  • through the Red Sea, or the receiving of the law at Mt. Sinai.

  • Before the people enter Canaan, he delivers a speech

  • to remind them of God's promises, the importance

  • of obeying His law, and how the previous generation

  • failed to do so.

  • If Israel follows the law, they will fulfill God's

  • original calling to Abrahamto be an example of God's

  • love and blessing to all the nations.

  • In knowing the people's inevitable failure to keep the law,

  • Moses points to a heart issue that must be addressed.

  • The same selfish path that led to disobedience in the garden

  • will continue to prompt the Israelites

  • to choose their own path over God's

  • leading to their nation's destruction.

  • Moses prophesies the coming of another prophet

  • the ultimate propheton the other side of Israel's

  • coming exile, by whom their hearts

  • will be transformed to love and obey God.

The Book of Deuteronomy was written mostly by Moses


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申命記 (The Book Of Deuteronomy)

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