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  • - [Narrator] This is saffron,


  • and just one pound of it can cost you $5,000.

    僅僅一英鎊的番紅花可能要價 5000 美元

  • It's easily the world's most expensive spice.


  • The next most expensive spice?


  • Vanilla at about $600 a pound.

    則是要價一英鎊 600 美元的香草

  • So, what makes saffron so wildly expensive?


  • For starters, saffron is a complicated spice to harvest.


  • Saffron comes from the Saffron Crocus flower,


  • and each flower has three red stigmas.


  • That's the saffron.


  • Just one pound of saffron requires 170,000 flowers.

  • The purple flowers bloom over a six week period

  • from late September to early December.

  • There's also a specific time of day to harvest them.

  • 90% of the world's saffron is grown

  • in arid fields in Iran.

  • But harvesting all that saffron comes at a price.

  • Most saffron harvesters are women

  • getting paid a maximum of five dollars a day.

  • Saffron is not only grown in Iran,

  • it's grown in Morocco, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands,

  • Afghanistan, India, and even in the United States.

  • Why the US?

  • Though many Americans have never eaten saffron,

  • the US imported 25 tons in 2013 and 46 tons in 2016.

  • - What's so great about saffron?

  • Over centuries, it's proven useful in many situations.

  • Saffron is most commonly used in cooking.

  • - It gives paella its signature flavor and golden color.

  • It's also used in broths, breads, and marinades.

  • When saffron is broken down, it creates a golden dye.

  • - People have tried passing tumeric, red marigold petals,

  • and lily flower stigmas as saffron.

  • But the flavor and dye is totally different.

  • In large quantities, saffron can be a potent,

  • happiness-inducing narcotic.

  • And research suggests it may help reduce the symptoms for

  • Alzheimer's, depression, and PMS.

  • Who knew this little spice packed such a punch?

- [Narrator] This is saffron,



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紅花為什麼這麼貴? (Why Is Saffron So Expensive?)

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