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you have an idea which is close to your heart. you want to write a book, you want to record
a music album, you want to make a movie. you have talent, creativity and the desire
but the only thing you lack is money. you don't have a rich uncle.
Don't worry, this is where Start51 shall be your guide.
Start 51.com is India's premium and socially integrated crowdfunding platform.
To start a project on start 51.com, you must first have clarity on your concept and what
you want to create. Before you put up your project for collecting
contribution, you need to valuate your idea and decide the minimum cost needed to fund
it. Now you have your concept ready and you have
your budget ready. All you need to do is to make a little presentation
to share it with your people so that they can understand what you want to do.
The way you do it on start 51.com is by making a little video presentation of your project
that tells them exactly what your idea is. you don't need to get all tensed, it can be
a fun video where the most important thing is to be yourself and well. Just Enjoy.
so go ahead and grab your phone or handycam cause that's all you need
You can also make the project attractive, by offering gifts and goodies to all those
who help you on your way. Using Start 51.com socially integrated platform,
you can make your facebook, twitter, linkedIn, whatsapp, G+ your strength.
After all, your network is your network. Once you share your project as the word spreads
about your creative endeavor, your friends and family will be the first one and will
come and support you. Maybe they will contribute but they will surely
spread the word of your project with their friends on various social medias.
Now once a project goes viral, there will be a lot of people who might not even know
you. But will come and support your project to be a part of an experience and by receiving
the stuff you make and other various rewards that you shall offer
as a thanks to their contribution. These little contributions in money or kind
will take your project a long way. You may be wondering, why someone who doesn't
even know you would want to fund your project? There is a straight and simple answer.
They either love your idea or want to receive goodies that you are going to give
against their contribution. So your rewards must be such that they give
a feeling of participation and creating to your
contributor. It would be great if it is something you build
out of this project. This will increase support and contribution
as one we feel a part of creating your dream project. on start51.com a project is allowed
to collect contributions for 51 days. so, make sure your presentation video and
reward offers are different and surely attractive. Once 51 days of collection is over, only those
projects which achieve their target will be called successfully funded.
Congratulations! your project has been successfully funded.


群眾募資 India-Start51 (Crowdfunding India-Start51)

856 分類 收藏
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