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  • Taiwan, which is officially known as the Republic of China (ROC), is a state in East Asia.


  • Its neighbours include China (officially the People's Republic of China) to the west,

    與臺灣相鄰的國家包括位在西邊的中國 (正式名為中華人民共和國)、

  • Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south.


  • Taiwan is the most populous state that is not a member of the UN with a population of over 23,500,000.

    臺灣是非聯合國成員中人口密集度最高的國家,擁有超過 2350 萬人口。

  • And it also possesses the largest economy of any state outside of the UN.


  • The Taiwanese government claims to be the legitimate government of china and the reason


  • for this goes back to the early 20th century.

    而其原因得追溯到 20 世紀初

  • Taiwan had been a Chinese colony until 1895 when it was ceded to imperial japan by the

    臺灣被中國長期殖民,直到 1895 年,

  • Qing dynasty.


  • While Taiwan was under Japanese rule, the Republic of China (ROC), the government which


  • still rules Taiwan, was established on the mainland in 1912 after the fall of the Qing

    中華民國政府在清朝滅亡後,於 1912 年,

  • dynasty.


  • Following the Japanese surrender to the Allies in 1945, the ROC took control of Taiwan.

    1945 年,日本向同盟國投降後,臺灣便由中華民國管轄

  • However, the resumption of the Chinese Civil War, which had stoped because of the war with


  • japan, led to the ROC's loss of the mainland to the Communists, and the flight of the ROC


  • government to Taiwan in 1949.

    1949 年,中華民國政府逃到臺灣

  • Although the ROC continued to claim to be the legitimate government of China, its effective


  • area of control since 1949 has been limited to Taiwan and its surrounding islands, with

    但從 1949 年以來,中華民國政府所管轄土地只侷限在臺灣本島及周圍群島,

  • the main island making up 99% of its territory.

    本島就佔其領土的 99%

  • As a founding member of the United Nations, the ROC continued to represent China at the


  • United Nations until 1971, when the PRC assumed China's seat, causing the ROC to lose its

    直到 1971 年,中華人民共和國佔了中國地位,

  • UN membership.


  • Since then most nations officially recognise Taiwan as part of the people's republic


  • of china but unofficially they have embassies and conduct business with Taiwan as if it


  • was just another country.


  • The flag of the Republic of China is red with


  • a navy blue canton bearing a white sun with twelve triangular rays.


  • In Chinese, the flag is commonly described as Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth to reflect its features.


  • It was first used in mainland China by the (Kuomintang) KMT, the Chinese Nationalist


  • Party in 1917 and was made the official flag of the Republic of China (ROC) in 1928.

    中國國民黨於 1917 年創立,而中華民國國旗在 1928 年出現

  • As Taiwan had been under Japanese rule since 1895, the flag began use in Taiwan after the

    自 1895 年,臺灣受日本統治,一直到 1945 年回歸中國後,

  • 1945 handover.


  • The flag is now mostly used within Taiwan and other outlying islands where the ROC relocated

    如今,中華民國在 1949 年國共內戰戰敗後,

  • in 1949 after its defeat in the Chinese Civil War.


  • The canton known as "Blue Sky with a White Sun" was created by a revolutionary called


  • Lu Hao-tung in the late 1800s.

    是一位名叫陸皓東的革命分子於 19 世紀末時創造的

  • The twelve rays of the white Sun symbolize the twelve months and the twelve traditional

    白日周圍十二個光芒象徵十二個月,以及十二個傳統時辰 (時間) 單位,

  • units of time (shichen), which correspond to two modern hours.


  • A fellow nationalist, Sun Yat-sen, added the "Red Earth" to the flag to signify the blood


  • of the revolutionaries who sacrificed themselves in order to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and


  • create the ROC.


  • Together, the three colours of the flag correspond to the Three Principles of the People: Blue


  • represents nationalism and liberty; White represents democracy and equality; and Red


  • represents the people's livelihood and community.


  • Flying of the flag is banned in mainland china and is used as a means of protest against


  • the PRC government but despite this, the PRC strangely have criticized Taiwan independence


  • groups for wishing to change or abolish the ROC flag, and has implied that legal steps


  • to do so would bring a strongly negative reaction from the PRC.


  • The flag was also recently banned in Cambodiaby Prime Minister Hun Sen in February

    中華民國國旗最近在柬埔寨也被禁止了-- 2017 年二月,

  • 2017 who outlawed the display of the ROC flag in Cambodia due to the One-China policy.


Taiwan, which is officially known as the Republic of China (ROC), is a state in East Asia.



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