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(jazzy hip-hop instrumentals)
- What's up, cuteas?
We're currently at the second most popular
night market here in Taipei, Taiwan.
Today, we have one goal and one goal only
and that is to eat as much
seafood-street food as we can

and judging by the looks of this market,
I guess you can say we do "sea food".
Get it?
"Sea Food"?
Oh my "cod" that was so lame.
Too much fish puns? Let
me just scale it back!

Okay. Well just start the video, then.
Just cut, just cut.
(various sounds of Taipei night market)
(jazzy hip-hop instrumentals)
Our first stop here is the grilled squid,
and you're gonna see this
in a lot of night markets

all around Taiwan.
What they do is get these
giant bodies of squid

and then they start grilling
it with barbeque sauce.

Just look at the glisten.
The one portion of this,
the small one, is 200NT

and the bigger one is 250NT.
Our first seafood dish right
here is the grilled squid.

Squid for me, like calamari,
it tastes pretty much the same all across
it's like rubbery, it's chewy.
However, I'm gonna see if the
sauce that they put on here

with the little pepper flakes is good.
Here we go!
(various sounds of Taipei night market)
(TJ squeals)
Calamari or grilled squid
all tastes the same to me

in terms like it takes
a long time to chew,

it's rubbery, it's pretty thick,
however, you guys, this is really good
because of the sweet sauce
that they put on top of it

and, let's see, this was 200NT.
I don't know. $6.00 for this?
Do you think it's worth it?
Kev, what do you think?
- [Kev] I think for
what you get in Taiwan,

it's a little bit steep.
- It's true. We will
keep looking. Let's go.

So many people, so scary here.
Everyone's so tall.
(jazzy hip-hop instrumentals)
When they're like, "Oh,
do you want it spicy?"

they usually just put some
red pepper on top of it.

Personally, I don't find it as spicy,
but you should definitely just taste it
and see how you feel first.
(jazzy hip-hop instrumentals)
(mimics angelic chorus)
I got a bucket full of
crispy, fried, seafood.

It does not get any better than this!
This right here, for a bucket of a mix
of crispy crab, shrimp and squid,
it's total 200NT or around $6.
It is a really popular tourist spot.
For first-time travelers, you
guys will probably come here,

so it's good that you know what to expect
in terms of price and what you get.
I'm gonna try the shrimp first. Hello!
Oh, it looks so good! Okay, ready?
For this, you can just
put it all in your mouth.

You don't have to peel it.
Mmm...okay. (laughs) Oh, this is good.
Oh crap, it's kind of spicy!
The seasoning they put
on top of the seafood

is savory, it gives you a
little kick when you eat it.

The shrimp is just crispy enough,
where you can just chew
into it and swallow.

We're gonna try the crab.
I'm really excited to try the crab.
Here, I want to get you
a good one. Right here.

With the legs as well.
Okay, forget the shrimp,
probably forget the squid, too

and just go for the crab.
The crab is delicious!
When you bite into the crab,
the meat inside is still soft,
so it's got a crunchy
outside and a soft inside.

It's a perfect texture combination.
Let's try the squid.
Although, like I said, squid texture
it tastes pretty similar.
This one is fried, though. We'll see.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
Take me to heaven! It's so good!
Sorry, squid of the world,
for saying what I said.

This actually tastes delicious.
Maybe its the fact that it's fried,
but the texture inside is not as rubbery,
which I love, and this
outside is so crispy and nice.

Mm-hmm, the squid and the crab,
those are what you need to go for.
Let's go to our next stall.
(jazzy hip-hop instrumentals)
As you can see, I have this
paper bowl of delicious clams.

So, what the chef did was he
put these raw clams into a bowl

after boiling it, he added
some rice wine, some garlics.

That's gonna have a nice,
garlicy-infused flavor.

I can't wait!
So, for one of this bowl,
right here, it's 100NT

that's around $3. See if it's worth it.
(laughs) It's alright.
Had to move because this was
just okay, unfortunately.

The flavor was not really there.
It's just kind of bland, it's almost just
basically boiled clams.
Honestly, I can barely taste the garlic,
which is what I was
really excited to taste.

Just in case, I'm gonna have Kevin try it.
Our handy cameraman
and see if he likes it.

- [TJ] What do you think?
- Nothing special.
I can taste a little rice wine, but...
- Yeah.
- It's not something I would
come back for...eat again.

- Yeah, honestly, it's
pretty bland, I have to say.

What are we gonna do
with this bowl of clams?

Anybody want clams? (chuckles)
I tripped! (laughs)
(slow jazzy instrumentals)
(spatula scrapes griddle)
We're currently trying one of
the most popular seafood dish in Taiwan.
It's an oyster omelette.
Legend and it's extremely popular.
My mom loves this stuff.
I honestly think if you're
a first-time traveler,

if you eat this, it might
be kind of foreign to you,

but it would be good to give a try,
just to see what is an
authentic, traditional dish here.

Okay, I'm gonna go 'head and open this up.
Do you see? Oh, my goodness,
do you see that oyster?

Now, when you look inside this,
you're gonna see some veggies,
you're gonna see some onions,
and you're gonna see this
kind of white, gooey mess

and what that is is tapioca starch.
That's what gives this omelette
this almost nice, chewy kind of texture.
It's not just an
omelette, it's got like...

Do you see that? It's kind of bouncy.
Oh, yes! The last time I tried this,
I thought it was okay,
but it was at a different night market,
so we're gonna try it again.
It's been about two years
since I had my last oyster omelette.
Let's go, let's dig in.
We got some omelette, we got some oyster.
I actually enjoyed this, I
can barely taste the oyster.

It's almost like it's
just melting in my mouth.

I think it's because it's coated
in this nice, chewy potato starch
along with this sweet
sauce on top, right here.

(squeals) This is good.
You guys, this is good.

I love the crisp, these veggies right here
along with the mushiness
of the potato starch,

and the nice fried taste from the egg
and the sauce, it's sweet, but very light.
It's delicious.
Oh, and the best thing?
This the cheapest we got so far.
This is only 65NT.
(snaps fingers) Eh?
(upbeat instrumentals)
(jazzy electronic instrumentals)
So excited to try this.
This looks amazing
and so you're supposed
to eat this with a spoon

because it's way too hot.
Let's do this!
Oh, my gosh!
Like mashed potato texture.
Seafood-boss man over here told me
that this is made entirely of seafood.
Just different kind's of
seafood all mixed in together

in this beautiful shell.
This is pretty yummy!
Even though it's made of seafood,
it's got this steamed-egg texture.
Inside there's little pieces
of scallops and clams.

I can really taste the layer
of fried cheese on top.

Oh, there's even a big piece
of squid here, I love it!

Apparently, you can only
find this in Taiwan.

Is it true? Let me know
where you guys are from.

Do you have something similar?
I'm gonna take one more bite.
Mmm...Just one more, it's pretty good!
This is just 40NT, so it's
about a $1.50 for one,

which is comparably cheaper than
the other stuff that we've eaten.
So, if you guys are here,
you should get one of these!

(jazzy electronic instrumentals)
We have looped around
the whole night market.

This is literally almost at the front
and we found our last item for the day,
a seafood thick soup.
That's literally what is says on the sign,
"Seafood thick soup".
I need some of the soup to heal me,
because my voice is almost gone.
Looks like, from inside, we got a mixture
of seafood everything
you can want, actually.

We got some squid, oysters,
we got some shrimp.

We're gonna see if this one is good.
Here we go.,,
Oh, that feels so good
for my throat right now.

The soup's almost got
this peppery taste to it.

You can barely taste the seafood.
I think I've tried soup like this before
and other places I've
tried are actually thicker,

so this one is a little bit more liquidy,
but just a tad bit you can see
where the thickness, or what
the soup is called, comes from.

This is a nice, hearty bowl
of soup to end today's video.

You can add some noodles
in there if you want,

get your carbs on.
Let's just take one more sip.
(exhales) Mmm... Nice and cozy.
Oh, alright everyone!
Well, that was the seafood tour.
That was just a sample
of the different type

of street-market seafood that you can get.
Of course, you can actually go
into little restaurants on the side
to order more seafood dishes.
We just wanted to show you what
was available in the stalls.

The total that we spent
today, was around 600NT

which is around $22 to $23
USD for all of that seafood.

If you want to see the real seafood magic
here in Taiwan, you've got
to go to the port cities

and if you want to see that seafood magic,
stay on this channel,
click the subscribe button,

because we are going
to get clammy in here.

- [Kevin] Uh...um...
- What?
- No.
- Redo that one?
- Yeah.

- Okay, one more time.
If you want to see more seafood magic,
click the subscribe button,
stay on this channel,

because we're gonna get fishy in here.
- Uh...I don't think fishy.
- No? No, not that one either?
- It's kind of weird, yeah.
- Fishy?

You didn't like clammy either?
You've got a lot of opinions, Kevin.
For more seafoods, click
the subscribe button,

stay on the channel, because
I am your shrimp-daddy.

- No, not that one either.
- No?
- No.
- Okay, I'm just...
I'm gonna...pull out my phone
and Google search a little
bit more for seafood puns

because I'm... I ran out
so just give me a second.

Do you think people are
still watching this video?

Is it the end screen yet?
Ah, I thought clammy was pretty good.


台灣小吃 (HUGE Taiwan Seafood Street Food Tour - CRISPY Crab & TASTY Oyster Omelette at Taipei Night Market)

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Charlie Brown 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 8 日
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