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  • Heading to Kenting!

  • 2 hours of bus, no stress, from Kaohsiung

  • Oh shiiiit.... and the wind is crazy too! We arrived just on time...

  • Damn I thought we could walk around and go to the beach but that won't work now...

  • Nevermind we will stay with our new friends: the PIGS!

  • It's gonna be really awesome!

  • Going to night market, rent a scooter, see you!

  • We will start the night properly with a nice accident!

  • We just arrived in Kenting night market. Our program tonight: eat, and sleep. Let's go!

  • Ok it's 8am the weather is pretty good, let's go to the beach

  • We didn't know which fuel we should use...

  • These guys said 95, we will trust them...

  • If there is nothing more after this sequence it means that it wasn't 95!

  • Good luck Victor!

  • Good luck

  • That's it we are officially at the end of Taiwan right here!

  • The Wangmei...(Chinese for "pretty girl of social networks")

  • We just found the dinner for tonight

  • Drone or not drone, that is the question

  • The wind is HARDCORE

  • This sign also mean "careful with your drone"... Shitttt

  • Here the weather is good, but just over us there is shitty dark cloud

  • That's it! as we are so unlucky it's starting to rain...

  • Really happy

  • My baby survived

  • this chaotic flight

  • And actually we misunderstood the southernmost point of Taiwan wasn't here at all

  • well it's not that far, just a few meters away!

  • So this time we go for good! Must be the 10th time I say that but we are going to the southermost point of Taiwan!

  • Almost there...

  • Finally! (*weird man* "WOOOOOW")

  • haha wtf, ok apparently it's beautiful

  • Now let's go to the beaches!

  • MacGyver technique to protect the drone from the sun

  • Works well!

  • Problem is that now it's approximately 2pm

  • here is the sun is 1000 times stronger than the one in France, and even more at 2pm

  • So I won't be able to reveal my fit pectorals

  • I'm sorry for that

  • (Victor with journalist voice) - Well good morning!

  • Good morning today we are live from Kenting!

  • There is water

  • There is sun

  • There is sand

  • There are men

  • Oh f***

  • Everything's alright!

  • This one is for you guys!


  • Ok sorry.

  • Ohh you lost something Victor?

  • Oh you feel stupid right? Such a shame...

  • I don't if I should help you...

  • I can't it's too low! Sorry!

  • Ok ok I'll show you some mercy

  • Oh are you the one? Is the glass flip-flop fitting you??

  • Ohhh it's you!! Oh my god what's happening to us??

  • That's it we give back the scooter, and I still look like a Playmobil thanks to the helmet

  • It's the start of a new journey, the one to return to Taipei...

  • Yeah in traffic jams!

  • So we turn on Commando mode and pray to catch our 2 buses back to Taipei on time

  • For now we are good, the guy from our Ghesthouse is driving us to the station

  • Which is just 100meters from the ghesthouse actually, I don't know why he insisted...

  • If you liked the video don't hesitate to subscribe, it's always a pleasure

  • Yeees I begging for subscriptions and yes it feels good

  • So see you soon in the next video, I don't know where, with this gentleman...

  • Bye bye!!

Heading to Kenting!


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