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  • Good afternoon everybody! ...Oh black coffee...Today we are going to explore the northeast


  • coast of Taiwan. Is this the Northeast? Is this the Northeast? A map will pop up...

    臺灣的海岸。這裡是東北嗎? 這裡是東北嗎?會彈出一張地圖...

  • There...there's the Northeast. One particular destination that I'm super

    那裡......那裡是東北。一... 目的地,我超

  • stoked about and I know you will too is called Jiufen Village. If you


  • translate that into Chinese it means nine pieces. Village is lined with beautiful

    翻譯成中文就是 九件。村莊兩旁是美麗的

  • teahouses between the mountains. it's gonna be fantastic. If you guys know the


  • movie spirited away yeah it's been said spirited away was influenced by this

    電影《魂飛魄散》 是啊,有人說過了。 受此影響

  • particular village. So cool! Today's tour is in collaboration with get your guide

    某個村莊。太酷了!今天的行程是 與 "得到你的指南 "合作

  • which is basically a platform for you to get your guide...Get your guide makes it

    這基本上是一個平臺,讓你 得到你的指導...得到你的指導使它

  • easy for you because instead of having to find individual operators you can

    對你來說很容易,因為你不需要 要查找單個操作員,您可以

  • just go on that platform type in the country you're visiting and it'll show

    只要在該平臺上輸入 你要訪問的國家,它會顯示出

  • you an awesome list of attractions and sightseeing tours that you can book. Also

    你一個令人敬畏的景點列表和 觀光旅遊,你可以預訂。另外

  • most of the prices are discounted prices so you can save a little moolah as well.

    大部分價格都是折扣價 所以你也可以節省一點錢。

  • Not used to these bangs yet. Tour bus is here to pick us up so pack up your

    還不習慣這些劉海。旅遊巴士 是來接我們的,所以收拾好你的。

  • stuff, pack a little snack you know and let's head out!

    東西,帶點零食,你知道和 出發吧

  • Right now we are at our first pit stop which is this cool rock formation

    現在我們在第一個坑 停下來,這就是這個酷酷的岩層

  • and I'll show you guys in a second.


  • Oh it's over there it looks like a bamboo shoot! That's why it's famous.

    哦,在那邊,好像是竹子的樣子 拍!這就是為什麼它是著名的。

  • Look at the slippery surface and the layers and layers of residue there.

    看那溼滑的表面和 層層疊疊的殘留在那裡。

  • The reason the rock formations are that color is because there's copper iron and

    岩石構造的原因是 顏色是因為有銅鐵和

  • gold residue so you're going to see like layers of red a little bit of orange

    金的殘渣,所以你會看到像。 紅橙黃綠

  • here there. I feel like a weather reporter in a storm trying to report

    這裡那裡。我覺得自己像個天氣 風雨中的記者

  • something before I fly away! Back on the bus...gotta fix my hair...By the way one of the best thing


  • about tours like these is staring out the window and checking out the scenery

    這樣的旅遊是盯著 臨窗觀景

  • because you're gonna see the coast of Taiwan the beautiful rock formation the

    因為你會看到海岸的 臺灣美麗岩層

  • lush greenery, it really is a fantastic fantastic sight.

    鬱鬱蔥蔥,真可謂是妙不可言 夢幻般的景象。

  • Ohh a dog nose!


  • The weather is pretty pooped today but supposedly on a really sunny day you can see that the water is


  • actually green and yellow so it's two different colors.

    青黃不接 不同的顏色。

  • We are here at the Jiufen entrance you're gonna see there's a lot of tour buses

    我們在這裡的九份門口,你是... 會看到有很多的旅遊巴士。

  • taxis and cars but I mean it's a very popular tourist attraction I hope when

    計程車和汽車,但我的意思是,這是一個非常。 熱門景點 我希望當

  • you guys come you guys come maybe during summertime when the weather's a little

    你們來 你們來 也許在夏天的時候,當天氣的一點點

  • bit better because then you can go hiking, you can stay the night, you can see more of the view.


  • But for now, we're here! So let's enjoy it!


  • As you walk down the street you're going to notice a lot of snack stalls. And teashops!


  • You can buy things like pork I don't even know what this can buy


  • Tang yuan which are these dessert balls that are sticky and delicious. You buy fish balls, there's


  • a ton a ton of different snacks that you try and that's really what you should be

    一噸一噸不同的零食,你。 試試,這才是你真正應該做的

  • doing. We have an hour so I'm gonna try to be as much as I can but for now enjoy

    做。我們有一個小時的時間,所以我要去嘗試。 儘可能多的,但現在的享受

  • kind of the scenery.


  • Finally found a quiet corner. So fun facts about


  • this place so as I said it's called Juifen which means nine pieces. Or I

    這個地方,所以我說過,這叫 Juifen的意思是九塊。或者我

  • think the more literal translation is like nine portions because back then

    倒不如說是 像九份,因為當時

  • nine families lived in this village so anytime they went to the city to shop

    九戶人家 他們隨時進城購物

  • for supplies they have to bring back nine pieces or nine portions for the nine


  • families. Most of these shops and stores that are selling snacks and desserts and

    家庭。這些商店和店鋪大多 賣小吃和甜點的,以及

  • little knickknacks, they're actually run by maybe second or third generation of

    這些小玩意,其實都是跑出來的。 由可能的第二或第三代

  • these families that lived here before. The reason why this place


  • became super popular is because they discovered gold here so they turn this

    成為超級流行的原因是他們 在這裡發現了黃金,所以他們把這裡

  • area into a gold-mining area. Now it's become such a popular tourist attraction

    變成了一個金礦區。現在是 成為熱門旅遊景點

  • it is cute, it is photogenic...okay well my umbrella is about to blow away as it

    它是可愛的,它是上鏡的......好吧,我的 傘即將被吹走,因為它

  • has been this entire video and we're gonna go try some delicious things as we

    一直這整個視頻,我們 要去嘗試一些美味的東西,因為我們

  • always do on this channel. Pft Pft hair in my mouth...let's go!

    總是在這個頻道做。Pft Pft頭髮在我嘴裡......我們走吧!

  • I'm trying our first thing it's this little pastry. Inside is red bean and mochi


  • but there's a ton of different flavors like taro pineapple it's all over

    但有一噸不同的口味 像芋頭菠蘿,它是所有的一切

  • there. It looks so good. Look at that gooey middle with the crusty outer layer.


  • I would I really love the sweetness of the red meat nice gooey texture from the

    我想我真的很喜歡甜美的 紅色的肉很好的粘稠的質感,從從

  • mochi also the outer layer that's quite a mouthful but it's flaky it's delicious

    餈粑也是外層的,很是 一口就吃完了,但它是片狀的,很好吃的

  • I'm a fan you guys we'll see you when you come

    我是你的粉絲 你們來的時候我們會看到你們的。

  • another really popular snack here is the peanut bowl ice cream basically eight

    另一個真正流行的小吃在這裡是 花生碗冰激凌基本上是八個

  • dole with ice cream and peanut on it it's really good we're not gonna try it

    冰激凌花生糖 真的很好,我們不會去嘗試的。

  • because you can actually find that in a lot of different night markets but if

    因為你實際上可以發現,在一個 很多不同的夜市,但如果

  • you're coming here - I'll try if you have more time there's mushroom there's

    你要來這裡--如果你來,我就試試 有時間就有蘑菇,有時間就有菌類

  • spam boo I'm not exactly sure what gives it this red color it's actually a meat

    垃圾郵件噓 我不知道到底是什麼給了 紅紅的,其實是肉

  • version as well or try the vegetarian one because you guys are always like a

    版,或嘗試素食 一個是因為你們總是像一個

  • vegetable imperative this is 45 empty about a dollar fifty Emily

    蔬食令這是45個空 一塊五

  • in Chinese is actually called pas 1 and the outer layer is a rice dole this

    在中文裡,其實叫pas 1和 外層是稻穀

  • outer gelatinous kind of feeling dough is actually quite delicious but actually

    外酥裡嫩 其實很好吃,但其實

  • just melts in your mouth the sauce that he dripped on this brown

    入口即化 他把醬汁滴在這個棕色的東西上。

  • sauce is sweet so it's got a sweet and savory taste to it like tofu skin layers

    醬是甜的,所以它的甜度和 鹹味如豆腐皮

  • and layers of troubles in the fan of this gelatinous go all right to explore

    和層層煩惱的扇子中 這個膠質的去探究好了

  • the rest of the area


  • place is sold festive it's just lined with shops everywhere a white place to

    熱熱鬧鬧,門庭若市 鋪天蓋地,白茫茫一片

  • be one smell that you're gonna smell here is that smells stinky tofu it

    你會聞到一種味道 這裡是那聞起來臭烘烘的豆腐呢。

  • literally fills up the entire street so if you guys are not familiar with that

    擠滿了整條街 如果你們不熟悉

  • smell you're gonna come here you're gonna need to know what it is I'm pretty

    聞到你的氣味,你會來這裡,你是。 我需要知道它是什麼,我很

  • used to a I grew up with it so what does the morning you guys I know a lot of

    習慣了,我長大了,所以,什麼是 早上你們這些傢伙我認識很多

  • travelers are very afraid of Expo one of the last things you have to do here is

    旅行者很怕世博之一 你在這裡要做的最後一件事是

  • to visit a teahouse and try their teeth and chances are beautiful hopefully you

    逛茶館,試牙。 和機會是美麗的希望你

  • can find one that kind of overlooks the village and kind of gives you a nice

    可以找到一個那種俯瞰式的。 村莊,並種給你一個漂亮的

  • view everything here are handmade all the key

    查看這裡所有的東西都是手工製作的 要害

  • one of the last things I wanted to try it okay so basically what these are

    我最後想嘗試的東西之一 好吧,所以基本上這些是什麼

  • these little tar balls in here is ice and then there's red bean there's green

    這些小焦油球在這裡是冰 有紅豆就有綠豆

  • bean there's a long pin with your small feet

    豆有一個長針與你的小。 腳步

  • okay from these and it's a really delicious dessert they have to eat you

    好從這些,這是一個真正的 美味的甜點,他們要吃你

  • can get it hot or cold personally I like it cold I like that it's kind of like a

    熱的或冷的都可以,我個人喜歡 它的冷 我喜歡它的那種像一個

  • refreshing drink but some people like it hot especially in a rainy weather like

    清涼飲料,但也有人喜歡喝 炎炎夏日

  • this we're gonna take a big bite of everything

    這個我們要大吃一驚了 一切

  • oh yeah so this soup you're drinking is actually

    哦,是的 所以你喝的湯其實是

  • a sweet suit it's mixed in with some Serapis these in Chinese called Tom Ewan

    一件甜美的衣服,它的混合與一些 蛇夫座 這些中文名字叫湯姆-伊萬。

  • love these little dessert snacks right here so this is taro and a bleep this is

    愛這些小甜點小吃吧 在這裡,所以這是芋頭和一個嗶嗶聲這是

  • a potato ball it got a nice glossy surface when you chew into it cooing

    一個洋芋球它得到了一個漂亮的光澤 咬牙切齒

  • soft so good just on there definitely try one of these dessert

    軟軟的那麼好只是在那裡絕對 試試這些甜點

  • they're waiting down at the parking lot this about ends our tour let me tell you

    他們在停車場等著 巡迴演出到此結束 我告訴你

  • who this tourists for this tourists for people who are visiting Taipei for a few

    誰這個遊客為這個遊客為 赴臺旅遊的人

  • days maybe like three or four and they really want to get to this village they

    天,也許像三或四,他們 他們真的想去這個村子

  • want a fast way to do it you just want to see it experience it for a little bit

    想要快速的方法,你只需要。 睹物思人

  • and head out this is a tour for you there's a van that we're taking here

    和頭,這是一個旅遊為你 有一個麵包車,我們在這裡採取了

  • with a tour guide so gave you some free time to explore and eat this is enough

    帶著導遊,所以給你一些免費的 吃飽喝足

  • time to give you a taste of what it's like here I hope you guys enjoyed it the

    是時候讓你嚐嚐它的滋味了。 像這裡我希望你們喜歡它

  • area was really really really cool I'm gonna hop on the bus now and I'll talk

    地區是真的真的真的很酷,我 現在要去跳上公共汽車,我將討論

  • to you in a little bit when I get back


  • Wow

  • are you nice well there it is oh there's something about rainy weather that just

    你是好的 好吧,它是哦,有 陰雨天氣的東西,只是

  • makes me so much more tired honestly I didn't have enough time to film and look

    讓我這麼多更累,說實話,我 沒有足夠的時間來拍攝和尋找。

  • around but if you're just going there to tour and you check things out by little

    但如果你只是去那裡,以 旅遊和你檢查出來的東西由小

  • shops no brushing my chair I was just there as a traveler as a tourist just to

    商店沒有刷我的椅子,我只是 以遊客的身份去那裡

  • look around that would have been enough time because the street it looks really

    看看就夠了 時間,因為街道它看起來真的

  • long but it's actually pretty short and some shops are repetitive the most

    長,但實際上很短,而且 有的店面重複性最強

  • important thing though is that you try to try every every snack that you see

    但重要的是,你要嘗試 嘗試每一個你看到的每一個小吃

  • well if you guys are just in this tour or other tour and guys here in Taiwan go

    好吧,如果你們只是在這個旅遊 或者是其他的旅行團和臺灣這裡的人去

  • ahead and click the link below get your guide calm /tj

    請點擊下面的鏈接,獲取您的 導購平靜/tj

  • if you guys do book a tour through that link it will also help this channel so

    如果你們通過那個預約旅遊 鏈接它也將幫助這個管道,所以

  • thank you so much I hope you guys are slowly but surely getting more familiar

    謝謝你這麼多 我希望你們是 漸入佳境

  • with this beautiful country thumbs up the video comment some love below I'll

    與這個美麗的國家豎起大拇指 視頻評論一些愛下面我會

  • see you guys next time fine derpy derp hi

    下次再見 齏粉

  • say bye everyone


Good afternoon everybody! ...Oh black coffee...Today we are going to explore the northeast


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