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Thank you so much for coming
House music has finally started to take off around here,
where do you think the genre is going in the future?
Avicii: Hopefully just bigger and better.
The way it's going right now doesn't
really show any signs of stopping, and I don't think it will.
I think this is just the beginning. I really think...
it is the next big thing, but I think it's going to become
as big as any other genre.
Interviewer: What's your favorite track you've put out?
Avicii: Um...
I think it is "Levels", I mean just for the fact
what it's given me, how it's changed my career
and I'm proud of that song.
I've never felt otherwise.
What's your favorite aspect of being on the road?
I mean the shows obviously but that's not the being on the road part.
That's the hard part of the job. That's actually the job.
So like, the actual shows are more like...
I think it was Tiesto who said
"The shows are just a hobby and then it's the traveling that's actually the job."
Is there anything that goes through your mind before you hit the stage?
Avicii: Not really.
It's kind of the opposite of that, it's just like kinda everything goes
blank right before I go on. And I don't really think at all.
You don't do any special thing to prepare?
Nothing. No, a glass of champagne.
Spending the night in jail is…
Game Title: "This or That"
Interviewer: We're going to play "This or That" with Avicii
He's gonna get a choice of two words and he has to pick
which one he prefers.
You ready?
You know what…Hummer!
What's flip cup? Yeah I have no idea about any of this.
Avicii: I'm sorry
What advice would you have for any aspiring artists and DJs?
I always get this question, I always wonder what I should say.
There really is only one answer
But it's ridiculous cause that's what everyone says.
It's just about working hard really,
That's the number one thing.
You'll get there, you know? And that's what it's about.
Special thanks to At Night Management.


艾維奇 採訪篇 (Avicii Interview - International Fame / New Music / This or That)

445 分類 收藏
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