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  • Hi guys, welcome to Drinks Tube. My name is Joel.

  • And today I'm going to be showing you one of the most popular cocktails at my Bar, The Cufflink Club, The Porn Star Martini.

  • Whatever you think about the name let me tell you, this is a belter.

  • It's colourful, it's fruity, packed full of flavour.

  • And best of all it's served with a little bit of champagne on the side as well.

  • So next time that you're shaking at home, be sure to give this a go.

  • I'm gonna kick things off by chilling our glass.

  • Five or six cubes of ice, throw them in the glass

  • to chill as we work on our Porn Star.

  • We need a nice, stiff vodka and I'm going to use this Grey Goose.

  • 25ml into our shaker.

  • I need some passion in my life, and also in this cocktail.

  • We're gonna have some passion fruit liqueur. 25ml.

  • Passion fruit puree, 25ml also.

  • This is just gonna add a little tartness to the drink.

  • I now I just want to lengthen the Porn Star, with just a little bit of Apple Juice.

  • 25ml is going to be more than enough to get things going.

  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla sugar

  • Just a touch of sweetness.

  • And now of course we shake the cocktail. Lots of ice goes into the shaker.

  • We're looking for a gorgeous texture, a nice foamy, frothy texure.

  • Which I achieve with a hard shake.

  • We've got ourselves a beautiful texture now. Rich, foamy. I'm really excited to get into this.

  • Of course, we need our chilled coupe. Nice cold glass

  • and we're gonna just pour the Porn Star into the glass, nice and slowly.

  • Gorgeous texture coming through, fantastic colour coming through as well.

  • The slower you pour, the more you build up anticipation.

  • I always think of this as the foreplay of the cocktail.

  • To garnish our drink, I'm gonna take a little fresh passionfruit. Chop of the end.

  • And just have her floating casually, like so.

  • Now no Porn Star is complete without a little mouthful of shampoo on the side.

  • I'm using a Brut champagne, 25-30ml

  • of dry champagne is more than enough.

  • And there we have it, the Porn Star Martini.

  • Let me give this a little taste.

  • It's absolutely one of my favourite cocktails in all the world.

  • The vanilla is working so well with the passion fruit, those flavours combined to make almost heaven in a glass.

  • And a mouthful of shampoo.

  • The sweetness of this is cut unbelievably well by the tartness of this.

  • If I add these two together, I create one of the finest cocktails known to man.

  • Brilliant, and there we have it. The Porn Star Martini.

  • And for more amazing videos to impress your mates with, click up here

  • and you'll see my old mate Rich making frozen Margaritas.

  • Cheers.

Hi guys, welcome to Drinks Tube. My name is Joel.


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色情明星馬天尼雞尾酒 | 喬爾-弗雷澤 (Porn Star Martini Cocktail | Joel Fraser)

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