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  • Let's

  • get something straight: The Simpsons: Hit & Run is GTA with, well, the Simpsons, a licensed

  • property. Licensed games that try to emulate a very specific franchise or genre don't have

  • a really great track record, let alone Simpsons games before and since. So it's even more

  • remarkable that Hit & Run actually turns out to be a fairly enjoyable game, especially

  • for fans of the inhabitants of Springfield. Hit & Run may just be considered a GTA clone,

  • and that's because it kind of is. But really, it's a GTA clone disguised as a GTA parody;

  • a very convincing and ultimately fun parody. Hit & Run borrows many elements from the open

  • world hit, but the game is different beyond its coat of paint. First of all, Hit & Run

  • doesn't have much of an emphasis on combat. Oh sure, you can destroy cars, run over people,

  • and instigate police chases, but there aren't any guns or weapons to speak of, beyond each

  • playable character's feet. Missions mostly focus on racing, destroying, or tailing other

  • cars. In fact, almost every mission is timed, requiring you to find the fastest car for

  • the job. Outside of the main story missions, the game doesn't provide a whole lot of guided

  • things to do; that is to say, there aren't many side missions. There are races to compete

  • in, and Springfield citizens to help, but for the most part, the game places a focus

  • on collectibles. Coins can be accrued for spending on cars or costumes, but there are

  • also trading cards to be found and mysterious bee cameras to destroy. And all of this is

  • done in an incredible recreation of Springfield, in all its amalgamated glory.

  • The game is split into levels; each one puts a different character in your control and

  • part of Springfield. So the game's not a persistent open world, but it's clear to see that each

  • level, from Evergreen Terrace to the Springfield Waterfront, was painstakingly detailed and

  • pieced together from the show. And what would The Simpsons be without their giant cast of

  • supporting characters? Almost every recurring character appears in this game in some form;

  • only Sideshow Bob and Mel come to mind as prominently missing characters, and even then,

  • they're not that prominent. So the Simpsons writers did a good job of making Hit & Run

  • a loyal adaptation of the show because also yes the game was written by the actual Simpsons

  • writers. And the characters are voiced by the actual voice actors. That alone puts Hit

  • & Run quite a few notches above your typical licensed game, even if the initially charming

  • and funny jokes and one-liners become tired and annoying after being looped throughout

  • the game. And even if the original plot is strangely structured and inherently unfunny.

  • But the effort is appreciated! In the end, however, effort does not a good

  • game make. Thankfully, The Simpsons: Hit & Run is a good game regardless. Some of the nostalgia

  • and appreciation for the show might be nudging that inclination, but that's kind of the point

  • of the game. It's fully enjoyed with an understanding and fandom of the show's in-jokes, characters,

  • and setting, but that doesn't mean the game's not enjoyable all on its own. The missions

  • certainly become repetitive, but searching for collectibles and exploring Springfield

  • is interesting. And really, driving is Now what Simpsons reference should I use to

  • close this review? D'oh is too obvious, but I can't just quote a specific episode, because

  • there's too much context surrounding that and I need a quick one-line and...



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