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  • Jessie's going with the green superhero outfit,

  • and she will need to be superhuman.

  • No woman has finished stage one,

  • and this course has been brutal tonight,

  • taking out some of the very best.

  • - There you go, Jessie. - Well, this woman's so skilled,

  • a pole-vaulter in college

  • but now trains relentlessly at obstacles.

  • - See how big that jump was there for Jessie Graff.

  • - Only a handful of women have ever gotten past

  • the Propeller Bar, so that's a big step,

  • and here comes another, the Giant Log Grip.

  • - This crowd is chanting like she's a rock star.

  • - But this obstacle has been lethal tonight.

  • - Come on, Jessie.

  • - Hold on. Hold on.

  • - Uh-huh, yes. - She gets through.

  • - That was, like, a stunt move there for Jessie Graff.

  • - Picture-perfect, now the Jumping Spider.

  • Jessie and Meagan Martin the only two women

  • ever to get past this obstacle.

  • Can she do it again here?

  • Yes. - Wow. Wow.

  • - Jessie Graff in the Jumping Spider.

  • - Boy, she got in there with authority.

  • - Well, she's a stuntwoman on "Supergirl,"

  • but she's the one who's flying tonight.

  • Speed is always a challenge on stage one.

  • Jessie got fatigued and ran out of gas last year,

  • but she has a great pace going.

  • - Come on, Jessie. Come on, Jessie.

  • - Jessie Graff on the Sonic Curve.

  • Beautiful technique onto the rope.

  • Perfect. But now the Warped Wall.

  • She couldn't get up it last year.

  • In fact, no woman has ever gotten past it on stage one.

  • - Well, Matt, can you feel it?

  • Can you feel history in the making here?

  • - Yes! - Oh, yes.

  • - Jessie Graff continues to deliver, the first woman

  • ever to get up the Warped Wall on stage one.

  • - Oh, my goodness.

  • Matt, it's about to go down.

  • It's about to go down.

  • - One obstacle left. - Oh, my goodness.

  • - So close to history.

  • - Got it. - Makes the first leap.

  • And she can feel it. - Oh, my goodness.

  • - This woman redefining strong.

  • - Put this on Instagram.

  • Put this on Twitter. The internet is about to blow up.

  • - She is smiling out here.

  • She knows.

  • Jessie Graff.

  • - Oh, my goodness.

  • - She's gonna make history.

  • - History. - The first woman

  • ever to complete stage one.

  • Jessie Graff has done it.

  • And this is one of the toughest stage one courses

  • we've ever had,

  • and she had over 12 seconds spare.

  • all: Jessie, Jessie, Jessie, Jessie, Jessie,

  • Jessie, Jessie, Jessie, Jessie.

  • - Well, that's got to be our POM Wonderful Crazy

  • Healthy Run of the Night.

  • With one hand, Jessie Graff reaches up

  • and makes history

  • as she gets over the Warped Wall,

  • and at that point, she knew she could finish.

  • Look at the smile on the Flying Squirrel.

  • And especially when she saw the buzzer.

  • She just did what no other woman has done.

  • - For the first time ever a woman

  • will be facing stage two at "American Ninja Warrior."

Jessie's going with the green superhero outfit,


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B1 中級 美國腔

Jessie Graff在全國總決賽上。第一階段 - 美國忍者戰士2016 (Jessie Graff at the National Finals: Stage 1 - American Ninja Warrior 2016)

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