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We play League of Legends for fun,
and it's usually more fun when we win.
It takes a lot to succeed in LoL,
and games are won with more than individual skill and reflexes.
Your ability to coordinate as a team has a significant impact on a game's outcome.
In fact, sportsmanlike players win over 1.7 million more games than average players every day.
Teamwork plays a bigger role in League than you might think.
Let's take a closer look at how it can impact YOUR game.
Say you start a game and one of your teammates gives up a few early kills.
Before you know it, he's throwing a tantrum.
Now you've got a choice:
You COULD go full 5-year old on him: yell and scream and give him hell...
because, of course, THAT'LL help the situation improve.
What some players fail to understand is epic comebacks don't come from berating your teammates.
Rage doesn't win games.
Each negative player on a team decreases your chances of winning...
from a 54% average win rate with 0 ragers,
down to a 46% win rate with 3...
and it keeps getting worse from there.
So, it makes more sense to focus on winning.
Help your teammate out,
buy some wards or concentrate on your lane and keep tempers from flaring in chat.
Players who keep their team focused win more games -
players who fight fire with fire sabotage their own chances at winning.
Sportsmanship and teamwork win games.
The impact of teamwork can be tracked in real-time, too.
You just have to follow the gold.
Our early findings suggest a direct correlation between a team's behavior and the gold they're capable of earning in a match.
In this case, things start going downhill after a failed gank.
One player decides the other is a n00b and flies off the handle.
Meanwhile, the opposing team stays focused, which means they can grab objectives.
More objectives, more gold.
More gold, more needlessly large items.
More needlessly large items, more GG.
The power of teamwork can even be traced down to the individual level.
Players with a record of positive behavior win 10% more games than the average joe.
On the other hand, a player with a report history will on average go on to win 35% fewer games.
It's pretty clear: teams that help each other through tough scrapes are much more likely to win.
So, next time you're looking for a win in League, just remember:
Teamwork OP.


團隊合作 OP(Teamwork OP)

1999 分類 收藏
陳炫中 發佈於 2013 年 9 月 15 日
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