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  • I develop independent, self-guided learners by a number of strategies, and

  • one of the most popular ones in my classroom is literature circles.

  • And my students love literature circle so

  • much, not only because the books they're reading

  • are so great, but also because they have a lot of choice in their learning.

  • First of all, they're allowed to choose the book they'd like to read.

  • Second of all, although there's are, there's a

  • lot of structure within the group, they're allowed to

  • choose which job they would like to do.

  • There are five jobs, and they're allowed to pick which one.

  • The students also as a group decide, how much they're going to

  • read in the book, and when they're going to discuss the book.

  • So today in your groups, I'd like you

  • to concentrate with your jobs on character development.

  • For example, if you're the summarizer, you're going to sp-, pay

  • special attention to summarizing the things that the main characters do.

  • If you're the discussion director, you're going to be asking

  • questions tomorrow of your group, that are specific to characters.

  • For example, a question like, what did Sophie do as soon as she saw the BFG?

  • How did she act?

  • What did she think?

  • If you're the passage master you're going to picking out passages that focus on

  • the characters, things that show: what they're

  • doing, what they're thinking, what they look

  • like, how their facial expressions are changing.

  • And if you're the character captain, you have lots to do, because you'll be

  • hitting on all four of these things, on how your main characters are developing.

  • Now what I'd like you to do, is get out all

  • of your lit circle stuff, and you may move with your groups.

  • Although there's a lot of choice in the

  • literature circle discussion groups, there's also a lotta structure.

  • For example, one of the jobs is

  • discussion director, and it promotes leadership, because

  • there are specific questions and things that

  • the dis- discussion director has to do.

  • One of them is, have all of the students speak In the group.

  • There's also a lot of choice with that job,

  • because that discussion director gets to choose what questions will

  • be asked, and how much they would like to share,

  • or if they would even like to share with the group.

  • I choose to do self-directed learning

  • activities, because it promotes social skills

  • with the students and how to get along and how to resolve conflict.

  • The students learn so much more from each other than they

  • do from me standing up, and lecturing at them all day long.

I develop independent, self-guided learners by a number of strategies, and


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