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I'm a 28 year old woman who just read this book, and holy shit! [Hallelujah-music]
Mind blown!
Mind blown!
Mind blown!
I was like:
And then I was like
"Why didn't no one tell me this"!?
And finally,
I wish I knew about this way earlier,
because, when my parents gave me the 'talk',
it wasn't informative,
at all.
[piano music starts] - Anna-kay, we need to have the talk with you.
- Oh, no. No, I don't want any fucking part of that
- No. - [whispers] Okay.
I know you're wondering a lot about
Anna, let's talk about the sex.
I know it's very scary and you probably have a lot of confusing feelings
And questions about what to do, and how it works. I just want you to know,
if you have a sex before you are married...
... I will break your legs.
[music stops]
Okay, love you baby, bye-bye
- So, I went into my sexual awakening only with the knowledge that I had from anime porn,
reading my mom's romance novels and the few articles that were up on the Internet.
[Hallelujah-music and sound of early routers]
- Ooooohh...
- Okay, so let's get to the information, right? Here are the three things that that book taught me that I wish I knew about sex
way, way, way, way, way earlier.
One - arousal concordance: Even though you may be mentally aroused, your body may not match up.
According to sexual studies, men only get an erection 50% of the time that they're mentally aroused.
For women, it's 10%.
So when I'm turned on, my body only complies with the correct sexual response 10% of the time.
I mean TMI, I'm always, like, self-conscious of being dry, even if I'm very turned on,
because you're told that the amount of lubrication your body produces is an indicator of how aroused you are.
So, if my body doesn't line up with how I feel, I keep feeling like there's something wrong with me.
But no, it's totally normal - in fact,
it's the majority of our experiences.
And the book puts a very big emphasis that lube is your friend. Make lube a lifelong friend
Two - not experiencing orgasm from penetration is
completely normal.
In fact how far the clitoris is from the vaginal
canal, is a big predictor of whether or not you'll be able to orgasm from intercourse alone.
The farther away the harder it is.
Wow! You know my whole life
I thought something was wrong with me,
but it's just science and my body's physical limitations. Rejoice ladies with clits far away from their vaginal canal,
we are inhibited by factors out of our control.
Three - desire comes from context.
It may sound obvious, but not all people can actually experience
spontaneous desire. You know, I'm someone who can easily put myself in the context of like wanting to be intimate,
but some people simply need to create an environment to let desire emerge.
I used to feel like really rejected or disheartened if my partner didn't want me when I wanted them,
and this book outlines not only the different ways people get aroused, but all the factors that influence that arousal and how you can manipulate
them for your own benefit. As a whole, the book just basically reassured me that I am normal and all these misconceptions
that I've had about sex since middle school were completely addressed, because in sex ed you're kind of taught one approach to sex
that's not really informative still.
- Okay, class. Dicks, they're just like bananas, okay?
So all you need to know is, you can just open them up,
and they're nutritious,
an' it's good for you. *hrmupf*
- I'm Anna Akana.
[background music stops]
Don't - there's no sponsored message because no one wants to sponsor this.


三件我希望我在開始有性行為之前就知道的事情 (3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Sex)

7628 分類 收藏
榮得傑 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 3 日    April Lu 翻譯    Cyndi 審核
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