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In order to bring the Hyperloop concept a little bit closer to reality. Elon Musk
decided to host a competition. He told the world, come up with Hyperloop designs
and let the best design win. When I first heard about the Hyperloop competition
I really want to join
there's many different ways that people can collaborate online and solve problems
and that's where rLoop comes in. We're a Hyperloop pod design team
from 14 countries all over the world.
The rLoop Pod does a good job in bringing together existing technology used in
business-class jets and with revolutionary new technology. In the case of
the hyperloop, it's going to be able to reach speeds over 700 maybe even 800
miles an hour. Just to get from LA to San Francisco in 35 minutes, there's
almost nothing else like that. With airplanes, you have to deal with air, but hyperloop tube, you
have a low-pressure environment. Seeing this thing hover and seeing it move is so
futuristic, but it's really right around the corner. How it started off, was with the first
couple of weeks. We have these very committed team members, who would come
back and every single day we're working hard pushing this thing, getting it going.
Over some time, this sort of snowballed into a larger and larger team.
rLoop worked together, to design and present a pod concept to SpaceX. Beating thousands of
other entrants, and becoming the ONLY non-student team selected to race
later this year.
This idea is so big, that we need so many moving parts. Right now, we're raising money to help
manufacture this pod. We want to build our pod to be as safe and reliable as
possible. And so with that in mind, we ask that you consider contributing, so that
we can buy parts and we can buy materials. You can help by either joining our team
or contributing in our crowdfunding campaign. No matter how you choose to
help us, you'll be working towards the future of hyperloop!


rLoop 群眾募資影片 (rLoop Crowdfunding Video)

324 分類 收藏
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