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  • Hey, Sam. How was your summer vacation?

  • It was great.

  • What did you do?

  • I joined a basketball camp and learned some skills.

  • That’s cool! You can use them on the school team.

  • Yes, and guess what?

  • Yao Ming visited our camp and played a game with us.

  • It was really exciting.

  • I learned about it from your Facebook yesterday.

  • I envy you.

  • My summer was terrible.

  • Sam: Really? What happened?

  • I failed English and math last semester.

  • This summer, I studied those subjects in a cram school all day and prepared for tests at night.

  • Poor you.

  • Poor you.

  • Well, I asked for it.

  • I played video games too much and didn’t study hard.

Hey, Sam. How was your summer vacation?


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