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The way to win is as old as time.
Do the right thing and put in the fucking work.
There is just nothing else.
By the way there's nothing else in anything.
How do I become a professional hockey player?
Talent and effort.
How do I become a tremendous top one percent lawyer?
Talent and effort.
How do I become a phenomenal mother?
Talent and effort.
It's talent and effort and what I love about effort
and why I love hustle and now that it's become so cliche
you see me saying the word work a little bit more now
'cause I just want people to get it.
It's controllable.
You know how many people here want to be a millionaire?
Do you know how rare that is?
Have you run the math?
You have this enormous audacity
yet you're not putting in the work to get you there
because you think somehow you've been tricked
by yourself or somebody else
that there's some system.
Like really?
We're at a place now where kids think it's cool
if somebody goes and takes money out of a bank
and puts it on their fucking bed
and takes a picture of it.
Like what the fuck is the matter with you?
You know what really sucks?
It sucks when you buy a $20,000 Rolex
and the world collapses and you have no money.
And your Rolex is worth 4,000.
That sucks.
That's why I always say I'm a tortoise in a hare's costume.
You know zero people, zero people
that have built something big that haven't put in
a ridiculous amount of work and the bigger it is
the more they've worked.
So I think you have to execute against your truth.
People can smell things.
So many of you have your mouth way ahead of your actions.
You're gonna own an island and you fucking go to Coachella.
Fuck you.
When it comes from a true place, you win.
And when it doesn't, you don't.
Like I wasn't born six foot seven
and can run like a cheetah.
I could wish I was something
or I can realize I am something and try to maximize on that.
It's a game of poker.
You get a hand.
Nobody's gonna cry for you about your hand.
Nobody's gonna say oh.
It's terrible that you're not fast or tall
or gorgeous or tal, or can sing.
It is what it is and now the only thing that can happen
is you can figure out how to navigate it.
The second you stop dwelling
and the second you start doing everything changes.
They don't give a fuck.
The second you understand that and just start
trying to make shit happen with that energy
you win.
Nobody cares about my problems.
Nobody has ever cared about my problems.
My problems seem far less silly now.
I got problems.
I don't wanna be here on a Saturday
when my family's not here.
I got problems.
But guess what?
I made my bed. I'm making my choices.
I got my reality.
Every single person here has shit.
All of you.
You all have shit.
Do the white dudes have it better? Yes.
Guess what?
They still have shit.
Everybody's got shit.
And nobody cares about your shit.
They care about their shit 'cause everybody's got shit.
So nobody cares about your fucking complaining.
Go fucking do something and that's it.
Like what?
You think somebody's gonna come along and be like,
oh we're so sorry.
They don't care.
- [Woman] I'm here for a reason.
- You got it. That's it.
All right.
Real quick. Where is it?
By not worrying about what other people think
it allows you to do things.
By doing things you either win or you learn from your loss
and it creates speed.
It's the absolute mental difference
between the people that are executing and winning
versus the people that aren't.
It's the fear of others.
I don't want to lose but I'm definitely more disappointed
than your opinion in your blog post about my loss.
[Man] Preach.


真正的成功秘訣 (The Real Secret to Success | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original)

5737 分類 收藏
Shain 發佈於 2018 年 11 月 3 日    Kevin Tsai 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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