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- Because when you see regret
in a man's eyes,
it's fucking painful.

Because you can't
do shit about it.

When you're 90 and
you're not mobile

and you're tired and it's over,
you can't do it.
You can't build that
company you wanted.

You can't spend
your time with your kid.

It's regret.
- [Man] Yeah.

- And it drives
the shit out of me.

(light piano music)
Look, I think failure
has to be quantified.

If you fail that you can
never get up from it again,

you know, that's not
a good failure.

I think failure and adversity
are the two things
I think about.

For me as an entrepreneur,
and very entrepreneurial and
always in my own stuff

all the failures along the way,
even going back to the baseball
card show when I was 13

that I paid $400 for a table
and nobody showed up

to that baseball card show,
that was a learning lesson.

Those micro-failures were
super, super important.

It depends on
your stomach, right?

If you really go out of business
I think people take
one of two ways, right?

They're like just finished and
they're never able
to get off the mat

and they go in
a different direction.

So to me, I think quantifying
the failure's important to me.

They got to change,
they got to evolve.

Madonna did it right.
She reinvented herself 14 times.
That's why she
had a long career.

You know, you got
to reinvent yourself.

Let's talk about sports.
When you're the best athlete
and you're like the guy,

and you're like one
of the top 15 players,

Draymond Green, he's my buddy.
Draymond really worked on
his game every offseason.

Ricky Rubio, the flashy
point guard from Minnesota.

If he developed
his outside shot,

he would have been
a much bigger player.

He had all the passing skills,
the quickness,
he's got everything

if instead of going to Ibiza
and fucking chicks in the
offseason he worked on

his 18-foot jumper
he'd be in the game.

If you have ambition,
your actions have to match that.
And too many people are
just not putting in the work.

Their mouth is way ahead
of their fucking actions.

Like, really?
You're gonna be the
greatest NBA player of all time?

Why 'cause you think you got a
little handle on the weekends?

You need to shoot
15,000 free throws

before school every day.
What did you do from Friday
5 P.M. until Monday 7 A.M.?

I'm just curious and
I don't think you shouldn't

have a weekend but
I think everybody's

ambition actually is more
predicated on their actions

than their words.
My friends tell me all the
time they're so ambitious

and I'm like, "If that's true,
then you punt leisure

"and you punt concerts at
Jones Beach and you work."

I realize what's going on here.
One life.
I realize that I'm living like
this is our only at-bat

and most of you aren't.
People fuckin' walking around
here like they're coming back.

People fuckin' walking around
here like they're coming back.

You're not coming back.
Well, listen, I don't wanna
impose my beliefs on others.

Maybe you believe we come back.
I believe you come back
you come back as a tree

or a flower pot or
DRock's sneakers

and that blows compared
to being a human.

And so, I'm acting that way.
I'm acting that way.
(light piano music)


只有一次的人生 (ONE LIFE)

3976 分類 收藏
Shain 發佈於 2018 年 3 月 29 日
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