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Let's Go! Prunes. Red prunes, whoops!
Oh, look! Hello A-bao! A-bao.
Oh, this is mango! How
does it smell? Oh yeah! That's great stuff! Okra!
Oh, there you go! yeah. What's that? It's...It looks like lilies, orange lilies.
What's that? It's mountain bitter squash.
Basil is... Oh yeah. There's one.
bitter squash? Right. yeah. What's boo-ah? Squash. Another squash.
Wow look at that thing. Oh, from the typhoon. It fell down.
Peas. Special peas that the aboriginals grow in
the mountains. Yeah. That's organic! Wow!
Plums? Plums. All these trees are plum trees. And on the other side. Oh, peaches! On the
other side. wow. Guava tree. Red guava. Red guava, oooo,
That's wine. Real grape wine, huh? Oh, okay. You know we were on vacation in July...it's
now actually September. And I did some planting on the first and fourth floor, but I didn't
touch this area. And we're cleaning here. And look at that, I got a kind of a huge weed
here. The thing that's weird about this weed is the stalk. Let me open this screen...is
like leafy. You'll see what I mean in a second here. I've never seen anything like that before.
Very unique. Also found, on a dead tomato plant, I found this. Where is it?
Jeremy is gonna show us how to open a dragon eye. Or "long yen" I don't know how. Yes,
you do. Go ahead. Like this. Very easy. I think...
You just squeeze your fingers. Well, that was too fast. You just squeeze it and it just
pops out. And then there's a big seed. Right? So you gotta eat around the seed. Very sweet!
Very sweet. Delicious. Let's see the seed! Where's the seed? Wait a minute! I'm working
on it! Okay! Here's another one! OOO! Here it is. Let me see. There you go! AAAAHHH!


外國人的台灣農場體驗(二) Taiwan Farm part 2

1763 分類 收藏
阿多賓 發佈於 2013 年 9 月 13 日
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