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  • hey guys we're gonna make the most beautiful spicy sausage pasta with

  • gorgeous cherry tomatoes, loads of herbs, balsamic, linguine it's a real summer

  • classic a beautiful meal for six people so get yourself a nice casserole style pan

  • something that can go in the oven happy days first up sausages you can use anyone

  • that you can get your hands on that's cool but they've got to be good this is a

  • Merguez sausage this is a Moroccan style sausage made of lamb or beef pinch it and

  • squeeze it like that and I just find that's a kind of cuter size for having around your

  • pasta okay

  • cut these off, so some olive oil goes into the pan let's get our sausages nice and brown, that'll just take

  • a couple of minutes so I'll put that on a medium heat

  • you know you could do this over a fire, a firepit, on a BBQ you know the smells are

  • incredible as that colours up those beautiful spices come out and then we want to

  • start layering up the flavours, bay leaf, a little bit of oregano a little bit of marjoram

  • it's gonna give you so much flavour then just take one red onion finely chop it

  • that's the beginning of the veggies, woo!

  • I wanna go celery, finely chop it that goes in, so good

  • okay, garlic, I'm just doing two, finely slice it

  • so I'm taking a chilli take the stalk off and then I want to get the seeds out just use a teaspoon if

  • you just scrape the seeds out and the white kind of membrane that is where

  • most of the heat is we don't want the chilli to blow your head off that's a failure

  • ok we want it just to be a nice warm juicy sort of hug of, like, heat that kinda just

  • gets the vibes going we like that, put that straight in we definitely want to soften the veggies

  • but we don't want to burn anything so just take care of everything, keep moving

  • it around now look that's one kilo of lovely tomatoes, don't go buying the hard ones

  • that don't taste buy the over ripe ones that really do taste, look at the

  • colours guys outrageous also what I'm going to do now is just a little swig of

  • water you don't need much but can you hear it's frying? OK we wanna kind of stop that and we want

  • to sort of now go in to sort of simmering away

  • blipping away sort of mode so you can see there's moisture coming out of the tomatoes

  • now it's getting saucy I'm just gonna season it with pepper not salt there's salt

  • in the sausages so we don't wanna over season it and also balsamic vinegar really

  • really nice it's gonna be unbelievable about a tablespoon goes in, toss this up. Phwoar.

  • so so good, one last thing I do get some herbs

  • put a bit of oil on it spree it across the top like that but guys how optimistic and wonderful

  • and summery does that look so we're gonna go in the oven for about 25

  • minutes not too hot about a hundred and eighty degrees Celsius which is 350

  • degrees Fahrenheit and that's just gonna simmer and blip away, all the flavours are going to

  • mix up and be beautiful and that's gonna be amazing and when that's ready I'm gonna serve it with

  • the pasta, come and have a look at this, ooh it's looking gorgeous and smelling pretty fantastic we got

  • some cooked linguine here, you can do it with

  • any pasta that you want I love serving it on a big old platter you go in with that

  • beautiful sauce. Hot, steamy

  • sweet, sour, spicy I love this now cheese has a wonderful ability to join up all the

  • flavours so I've got three options

  • fresh Ricotta, Parmesan, I think I'm gonna go for the salted Ricotta but use any one

  • of those and guys that is really one of my favourite pastas beautiful spicy sausage

  • pasta mix it up, serve it to your mates, tell them you love them and I tell you what they're gonna

  • tell you they love you too because that is one of my very favourite dishes, gorgeous

  • a great, summer pasta dish, the flavour from the sausage and the quality meat is coming through, we're getting spices

  • we're getting beautiful sweet cherry tomatoes. So there you go guys I hope you try this dish it's an

  • absolute knock-out guys if you want a lovely drink to go with this then check out

  • the video that I did the Milano-Torino is a fantastic cocktail an

  • absolute classic that you will love especially in summer time and also if

  • you want this recipe and a load of others from my garden harvest story

  • then click the link down there and the magazine's done a great job enjoy it love it

  • guys until next time, lots of love, take care bye!!

hey guys we're gonna make the most beautiful spicy sausage pasta with


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夏季香腸面 (Summer Sausage Pasta)

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