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Today, we are recreating rom-com posters.
Rom-coms for me, when I was growing up,
very much were the same type of woman.
I never really got to see my culture being
represented in the way that it should be, authentically.
Being a plus-size woman,
being a woman of color,
being a queer woman,
like, you ain't finding me nowhere.
I'm a damn unicorn.
Definitely, the best friend who was like,
black and like, kind of the comedic relief.
I feel like that's like as diverse it got.
Oh, that girl's hair is curly.
She must be crazy.
It's very frustrating to always see yourself
as a supporting character,
because then you grow up believing
that you're not the lead in your own movie.
I'm hoping that I can recreate this pose,
and it doesn't look like someone made a mistake.
Today, I'm recreating the Pretty Woman poster.
I am feeling like the classiest hooker
there ever was in all of Beverly Hills.
This is like, Julia Roberts, when she
was America's sweetheart.
I am like, my couch's sweetheart.
A very iconic smile to try to replicate.
I love the Pretty Woman poster.
Julia Roberts, her hair is in its natural curl.
It's a darker color.
And it shows a lot of her personality.
And she is smiling, like, that iconic Julia Roberts smile.
She just seems so happy.
Today, I will be posing with Jacob,
who I have never met.
It's always great to first meet someone
when you're supposed to play their love interest.
I will be recreating the No Strings Attached poster.
We don't have to be the best friend
watching someone else fall in love.
Like, I can have no strings attached.
Today, I'm modeling with Courteney.
And this is going to be interesting.
So, I've always wanted a big oversized shirt,
and be like, "Oh my gosh, I'm so cute in someone else's shirt."
This is a lot of ass to capture.
I hope that this shows that no matter
what size you are, whether you are super small
or not, or in between, that like,
you can be sexy, and you can wear your little shirt around, whether it's yours or not.
And everyone's gonna look good, no matter what.
I am going to be doing Kate Hudson in
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
I've looked at this poster, and it's just
kind of like, two people playing Jenga with each other.
In the pose she's like this,
but I can't get.
So instead, it's gonna be like..."No boys allowed," or whatever this pose is.
How do they find themselves in this situation
where like, they both tipped over at the same time?
Well, Macy just figured out that there's no way you could do this pose without it being Photoshopped together.
So, we're now filming it separately,
and I'm being held up.
Bigger people have romantic adventures, too.
I think it'd be really cool to see our romantic adventures.
I'll be recreating The Notebook,
with the always beautiful Rachel McAdams,
and I hope I can do it some justice.
Today, I'm actually posing with my boyfriend, Russell,
and I think this will be a fun experience for the two of us.
And hopefully, he doesn't drop me.
He's giving you that "it-just-heavily-rained" look.
Rom-coms for me, when I was growing up,
I never really saw a leading lady who was curvy and considered sexy and romantic.
That...you look fantastic.
- Thank you. - You look beautiful.
I'm really excited to show that as a curvy woman, you can also be a leading lady.
I'm doing J-Lo from The Wedding Planner.
Growing up as a Latina, seeing J-Lo in movies was amazing.
Jenny from the block, Maya from the block.
I never really got to see kind of, my culture being represented.
I don't know like, I wish La-La Land had like, POC.
It's like, why can't a Latina be in it?
Or like, African American, or an Indian,
or something like that?
I'm excited to represent an average size woman,
which is like, in America, I think it's size 14 to 16.
She's kind of like this.
I have too much boobage for that.
I mean, I got a little butt, thighs, arms.
I'm excited to show that in a movie poster,
'cause it's usually Photoshopped out.
I just hope this shows girls everywhere
that you are allowed to be the lead in your own love story.
You're not just the best friend.
You're not just the comedic relief.
You are the star of your life.



誰說大尺碼女孩不能當主角?自信重現經典愛情片海報! (Women Re-Create Romantic Comedy Posters)

4535 分類 收藏
Rong Chiang 發佈於 2018 年 3 月 31 日    Rong Chiang 翻譯    jenny 審核
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