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  • Anyone who can get out

  • get out right now.

  • Do not look up.

  • Do not make eye contact.

  • Just... go.

  • Lee. Stay calm. I'm right here.

  • We are live in 5 minutes.

  • -You have the revisions for the opening? -We're still making some changes.

  • -Am I gonna get the changes before the show or after the show? - You know the drill.

  • You just point the camera in my direction and we'll figure it out together.

  • It always sounds so simple and yet so moronic.

  • [TV announcer] Here he is, the Wizard of Wall Street himself!

  • The name is Lee Gates. The show is "Money Monster".

  • Without risk, there is no reward.

  • Should I sell? Should I unload?

  • Get some balls!

  • Man up!

  • Who's that guy on Camera 2?

  • You wanna complain about it? Go ahead.

  • Who is it? Anybody know?

  • What is this, a union thing?

  • [Gunshot and people screaming off camera]

  • Cut the feed!

  • Whoever's in there, turn the cameras on! All the cameras on, Patty! Turn 'em on Patty!

  • -What do you want me to do? -Turn 'em on! -Uh, put it up!

  • Take it up. Put it on.

  • How do I know it won't blow up?

  • Because I have the detonator.

  • My thumb comes off this trigger and we all explode.

  • [Helicopter overhead and police sirens]

  • I might be the one with the gun here, but I'm not the real criminal.

  • It's people like these guys.

  • [singing] Got my finger on the trigger.

  • I'm telling you it's rigged! The whole damn thing!

  • [singing] But I don't know who to trust.

  • They're stealing everything from us and they're getting away with it, too. How is that even fair?

  • Just keep talking to him, alright? You're good at that.

  • [singing] I've got my finger on the trigger.

  • You lost a lot of money when the market tanked...

  • [singing] and faith just ain't enough.

  • They tracked down his girlfriend.

  • That was everything we had! Every last cent!

  • What are you doing?

  • [singing] I'm just tryin' to survive.

  • I'll get you some answers!

  • Nobody was asking any questions before! These guys could expose everything.

  • We both want an explanation for what went wrong.

  • We don't know.

  • [gunshot and people screaming]

  • You have to understand how delicate of a situation this is.

  • I'm sitting 80 feet from a bomb! Don't talk to me about delicate situations!

  • We're human beings. We're not computers.

  • We have a conscience.

  • I'm trying to save him.

  • You're trying to shoot him.

  • I want an explanation!

  • Follow the money, find the fraud.

  • We're in this together now.

  • Don't turn your back on anybody.

  • I don't want you to die.

  • [guns clicking]

  • Oh my god.

  • Don't!

  • You came here to get some answers.

  • You deserve to get some answers.

Anyone who can get out


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