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I had no idea how I was gonna return this lost iPhone.
But by God I was determined to figure it out.
I went out to Long Island this weekend
with my girlfriend and Sunday evening we jumped on a train
to head back into New York City.
Right away we notice an iPhone wedged between
the seat and the wall.
Now we could have given the phone to a conductor,
but we had more than two hours to kill,
and I stared thinking, WWEDD.
What would Ellen DeGeneres do.
My girlfriend, Stephanie, starts googling
what to do if you find a lost iPhone.
But if the phone is locked,
and the owner never filled out the emergency info,
then there's very few options outside of Siri.
We asked Siri anything we can think of.
Siri, call home.
Siri, call Mom, Dad, Michael, Emily, Arnold, anything,
but Siri has nothing that matches.
Stephanie then asks Siri to dial the most recent call.
So, Siri FaceTime Audio calls Ryan's cell.
Facetime Audio failure.
So we ask Siri to text Ryan's cell and dictate the message word for word,
cause remember, we can't unlock the phone.
We ask Ryan's cell to call the number of the lost phone
so we can swap info.
Hi, so we found your phone on the Long Island Rail Road.
I then start to think about the iCloud.
If the phone owner has his photos connected to the cloud,
then he'll see any photo or video I take.
I have access to the camera, so, I send a message.
But, it doesn't matter.
A few minutes later, Ryan's cell calls the phone.
Okay. Well, can I get your phone number right now?
and I can just text it to you?
Ryan, turns out, is the best friend of the phone owner,
who's name is Kirk and lives in the town of Bayshore,
which is halfway between where we left and where
Stephanie and I live in New York City.
I text Ryan so he has my number.
Please forward my info along to Kirk, or Kurt.
It was a loud train, I couldn't really hear the name.
Ryan passes the info to Kirk.
About 40 minutes into our train ride,
I get a text message from a Chris.
I hear you have my husband's phone.
I tell her our next stop is Bayshore, but I'm not able to get off the train.
Now, why couldn't I get off the train?
For one, you could wait up to an hour for a train on the LIRR.
Two, it was raining and it was cold.
I was trying to do a nice deed.
I wasn't trying to get pneumonia.
Three, we had our cat with us,
who was already hating life because he hates traveling.
We'll be there in the next two minutes.
She texts, I live two minutes away.
The train finally pulls up,
I poke my head out, and I don't see anyone.
Just as the train doors close,
I get a text telling me to put the phone outside.
Cause they're stuck on the other side of the tracks.
But, at this point, it's too late.
If you can open, I can leave this outside for her.
Leave it outside?
Yeah, she said "Leave ir outside, I'm going to come back up."
(To the operator) Can you stop for a minute?
Where are you going to leave it? It's pouring out there.
She said, "Just leave it at the side."
I sent a photo so they would know exactly where the phone is.
Not two minutes later, I get confirmation that they've picked up the phone.
The whole ordeal took exactly 58 minutes.
So, Kirk got his phone back.
Stephanie and I did a good deed.
Buzzfeed got a video.
Everyone was happy.
Except our cat, who was still pissed.



在火車上將遺失的 iPhone 物歸原主 We Returned A Lost iPhone While On A Moving Train

10519 分類 收藏
Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 7 月 23 日    Evelyn Chiu 翻譯    Rachel Kung 審核
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