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  • The Dar El Ashaa Radiology and Imaging Center is a facility owned and directed by highly

  • experienced professors and staff members of the University of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.

  • Most of the Government run hospitals and part of the private centers in Alexandria do not

  • have highly sophisticated imaging equipment, so they refer their patients for scans, imaging

  • and diagnosis to the Dar el Ashaa Center.

  • Hello my name is Professor Ihab Reda and I am Professor in Radiodiagnosis in Alexandria

  • Faculty of Medicine and Board Vice President at the Dar El Ashaa which is an Imaging Center

  • in Alexandria.

  • We carry out medical examinations and imaging for thousands of patients, diagnose their

  • condition so that their doctors and consultants can recommend the correct medical treatment.

  • We carry out CT and MRI scans, Radiography, Angiography and Ultrasonography. Over the

  • past few years the demand for medical imaging has increased significantly, so we now have

  • five imaging Centers in Alexandria to cope with this increasing demand.

  • Our aim is to reach a precise diagnosis of the patient's condition utilising the safest,

  • fastest and most cost effective imaging technique.

  • We aim to give the very best possible care to our patients at all times and in the quickest,

  • most convenient way possible.

  • To do this we need to be at the leading edge of medical imaging at all times.

  • For our medical equipment we have worked for many years with a trusted supplier called

  • BM Egypt.

  • BM Egypt are the leading supplier of medical equipment in Egypt.

  • It supplies hospitals and medical practices throughout the whole of Egypt, from its four

  • branches in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura and Assiut.

  • This is where they deal with Hitachi. Because Hitachi are the leaders in Ultrasound equipment

  • and have pioneered the development of Open MRI Scanners.

  • Hello, my name is Mahmoud Elsadek, I am the Marketing Director for BM Egypt.

  • Our mission is to deliver top quality products in a timely, courteous and professional manner.

  • We strive to not only meet our customers' expectations but to exceed them.

  • To do this we work with the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies,

  • acting as agents and importers into Egypt.

  • Because we offer our customers only the very best quality equipment, we are happy to recommend

  • Hitachi, because we know it is the highest quality and very reliable. This is critical

  • in the medical field.

  • Hello, my name is Keiichi Sawada, I am General Manager, Sales, of Hitachi Medical Systems

  • Middle East, based here in Cairo. We are part of Hitachi Medical Corporation, in Tokyo.

  • There is a great need for improved healthcare in the region. The population is growing and

  • placing greater demands on the existing healthcare facilities and there is a need for more than

  • 10,000 extra hospital beds.

  • We work closely with business partners in the region and one of them is BM Egypt, who

  • introduced us to the Dar El Ashaa Radiology and Imaging Center in Alexandria. They had

  • a very interesting challenge that we were happy to take up.

  • Hitachi Medical Corporation is committed to a global healthcare business that supports

  • a healthy and safe society and it is also committed to delivering advanced medical solutions.

  • Hitachi continually invest in cutting edge research and its worldwide research and development

  • facilities employ over 3,000 specialists, who believe in an innovative broad technology

  • ethos and are dedicated to delivering advanced and practical medical solutions.

  • Hitachi Medical Systems Middle East covers a large geographic area including in the Middle

  • East: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Yemen,

  • Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.

  • In Africa it covers Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Djibouti, and South Sudan.

The Dar El Ashaa Radiology and Imaging Center is a facility owned and directed by highly


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概述 :日立醫療系統在埃及的醫學影像解決方案--日立公司。 (Overview :Hitachi Medical Systems Solution for Medical Imaging in Egypt - Hitachi)

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