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We're also in the middle of spring break, alright?
Who of you here are on spring break right now?
I'm gonna say, things have changed a lot.
When I was a teenager, my spring break basically was watching other people go on spring break on MTV, but...
we wanted to get into the spring break spirit,
so we went out to the street, we asked people who's strolling by our theater a question.
And the question is "Have you ever been naked in public?"
Now, this is a game.
The way it works is we will meet a man or a woman, and then together as a community,
based on that introduction we will guess if the person has ever been fully on display for others to see, alright?
OK? You understand?
All right, let's play.
Hi, what's your name and where are you from?
I am Kensa and I'm from Boston.
And have you ever been naked in public?
OK, so, has Kensa ever been naked in public, what do you think?
[audience shouting]
Most of the audience says no but there are quite a few yeses. Let's go to the source.
I hope so... I hope not.
- You hope so? - I hope not. I hope not.
No, I have not been.
- You haven't? - It's on the bucket list though.
All right, that's good. You're setting an attainable goal.
So let's see who else is out there.
Jim Collins, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
And have you ever been naked in public?
[audience shouting]
Something about Jim makes us feel that maybe he has. Let's find out.
He might be naked from the waist down.
Who do we have next?
My name is Robert Down from North Carolina.
And have you ever been naked in public?
Robert from North Carolina.
Most everyone says yes but there's one very firm no in the front.
Is Robert your relative?
All right, has Robert been naked in public?
Um, yeah. I have.
What happened?
Um, I had sex.
Ok, oh yeah. Ok I did that one time, very much... yeah.
Our next pedestrian is...
Jenna Speech, Schererville Indiana.
And have you ever been naked in public?
[audience shouting]
Seems, I could be wrong, it seems like all the women are saying yes and all the men are saying no.
All right, what about Jenna's?
Yes, I have.
Tell me what happened.
Ocho Rios, Jamaica, swim-up pool bar, as soon as you left the boat, you had to remove all your clothes.
That's what they told her anyway.
And you know Jenna, she can get wild. Next stop
Austin Morgan from Springfield Missouri.
And have you ever been naked in public?
[audience shouting]
Has Austin been naked in public? Let's find out.
Tell me what happened.
Uh, we were being, uh, actually we were at the Bahamas, and...
I had to pee on my girlfriend's... actually my wife's leg at the time, and uh..
'cause she got stung by a jellyfish, so...
And you had to get fully naked for that?
I did, yeah, because I was also drunk.
Drunk, and there was no jellyfish,
and we're just into weird things, I think.
Our next pedestrian is...
I'm Olivia Hinely, and I'm from North Virginia.
And have you ever been naked in public?
What do you say?
[audience shouting]
Oh, most of the audience says no.
All right, all right.
Has Olivia been naked to the world?
No, uh... no.
Had to think about that.
- You hesitated. - Yeah.
Of course not. That's not how it goes.
I think we have one more out there.
Ken Speech from Arizona, and it's my 70th birthday, and I'm going to go see Jimmy.
Happy birthday.
Thank you very much.
Have you ever been naked in public?
[audience shouting]
Can the birthday boy be naked in public? Everyone says yes.
Absolutely. Who wouldn't be?
Wow, that's very... oh my goodness.
Oh, look at that. It's Ken.
[cheers and laughter]
Oh, how about that?
Happy birthday, Ken.
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【吉米金默秀】街訪路人:你曾在公開場合裸體過嗎? (Pedestrian Question – Have You Ever Been Naked in Public?)

6347 分類 收藏
Crystal Wu 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 5 日    Crystal Wu 翻譯    jenny 審核
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