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  • >> I'm really excited about Taiwan.

  • There're several factors.

  • One is with only a population of 23 million people,

  • Taiwan had last year a 10.8 percent GDP growth rate

  • and our US exports to Taiwan increased

  • by 43 percent last year.

  • Taiwan is a thriving democracy so there's a--

  • and there's a rule of law.

  • The economy is very good.

  • US exports are thriving.

  • There's low unemployment and also an appreciating NT-dollar

  • which makes US products very attractive.

  • So there's quite potential in the Taiwan Market.

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  • >> We're very excited about Taiwan

  • because you have many SME's exporting to China directly

  • for the first time, maybe they don't have quite the experience

  • to understand the culture,

  • to understand how business works in China.

  • But I think Taiwan can be very important and not only selling

  • to Taiwan directly with a population

  • with growing affluence.

  • But also, once the distributors established in Taiwan

  • and they have a representative,

  • that Taiwan distributor Asian can then take their product

  • or service to the mainland.

  • We see more and more that Taiwan representatives are going

  • to China.

  • In fact, there are 1 million Taiwan nationals living

  • and working in China.

  • It's a tremendous cross straits exchange in the economic

  • and commercial sense that is going on

  • and that is very exciting

  • and the Taiwan representative can really increase your sales

  • going from the Taiwan market and then expanding into China.

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  • >> And other areas where there's big opportunity is

  • in the consumer area

  • where Taiwan's affluence is growing more and more.

  • They're really interested in buying and the demand is great

  • for buying luxury products, brand named items,

  • things whenever it's beauty products or it might be,

  • you know, even handbags or things that indicates status

  • and prestige have great potential.

  • Moving away from consumer products,

  • the area in green technology, environmental remediation,

  • all those areas are-- have very high prospects.

  • The US is the number 1 destination for Taiwan students

  • and we're very proud of that and we wanna continue

  • that tradition and that trend.

  • We think it's important not only for the commercial value

  • of generating revenue for US educational institutes,

  • colleges, universities, even secondary schools,

  • private secondary schools,

  • but also because it creates those all important ties

  • between the US and Taiwan

  • that will last the entire lifetime of that student.

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臺灣。國家出口倡議優先市場 (Taiwan: A National Export Initiative Priority Market)

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