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  • Wind back the clock.”

  • Wind back the clock. Until you get

  • a universe born from a black hole exploding.”

  • We learn to listen.”

  • Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest physicists of our time,

  • didn't let a rare motor neurone illness that bound him

  • to a wheelchair stop him from roaming everywhere else.

  • Despite being told, age 22, that he had only

  • a few years left to live,

  • he went on to live for decades more,

  • his mind traveling through the cosmos,

  • making breakthroughs in scientific theories

  • on black holes and relativity,

  • capturing the imagination of millions around the world.

  • And he didn't stop there.

  • Don't feel bad, Lisa.

  • Sometimes the smartest of us can be

  • the most childish.”

  • Even you?”

  • No. Not me.”

  • He also broke through onto our screens and radios.

  • You guys were never even on Futurama.

  • I was on three times.”

  • With cameos on TV shows

  • You made an arithmetic mistake on page 2.”

  • — in advertisements and in songs,

  • becoming a pop culture icon

  • If you are looking for trouble, you found it.”

  • Yeah, just try me, you ... ow!”

  • — displaying a wicked sense of humor as he went.

  • It's a little hard to read your tone of voice.

  • When you say that, are you being sarcastic?”

  • Yes.”

  • “I thought so.”

  • His familiar synthesized voice graced Pink Floyd songs

  • and TV commercials.

  • Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking.”

  • Seconds after the Big Bang, called inflation,

  • in which the ... [scream]!”

  • He ran over rival physicists, and had other celebrities

  • pandering to him in comedy sketches.

  • Time to find my new voice.”

  • Surely it has to be me?

  • Listen to my voice.

  • It's got a tinge of physics.”

  • He offered sound advice to the next generation.

  • What do you think is the cosmological effect

  • of Zayn leaving [pop music band] One Direction?”

  • Finally, a question about something important.

  • My advice to any heartbroken young girl

  • is to pay loads of attention to the study of theoretical physics.”

  • And in 2014, his extraordinary life was immortalized

  • in a film titled "The Theory Of Everything."

  • All the way back, to see what happened

  • at the beginning of time itself.”

  • While Hawking may have left planet Earth,

  • his many fans can be sure that his legacy remains.

  • “I could have gone on and on.

  • Space, here I come.”

Wind back the clock.”


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霍金 (Stephen Hawking, Pop Culture Icon | NYT)

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