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  • Ahh, if only my voice could shine like a star...

  • A light above to carry my love down to you

  • wherever you are...

  • and then, you'd send your wishes into the night...

  • But if we could, then what would it be?

  • What kind of words would you say to me?

  • I gotta' know, so let's look to the sky

  • and we'll let it out on the count of Three!

  • Ahh, they say, "Every wish you make will be heard!"

  • but through the years, I lost my faith in the words.

  • I can't remember how or when

  • or why I stopped believin'

  • There must've been a reason...

  • Ahh, the rain has stopped!

  • A single droplet's shape begins to glow!

  • The light it made creating a rainbow!

  • And when we're gone and scattered to the air

  • I know it's not the end, no

  • I know we'll meet again somewhere!

  • Let's forget our time!

  • High-five the lives we never led!

  • We'll give a kiss!

  • Lay on their lips the words we left unsaid!

  • And even if they're lost to time and space,

  • until we meet again, until that day...

  • You and I look into the sky!

  • We already know what to say!

  • "It's nice to meet you!

  • Please, can you tell me Your Name?"

Ahh, if only my voice could shine like a star...


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A2 初級

ENGLISH "夢幻燈籠" 你的名字。(Akane Sasu Sora) (ENGLISH "Dream Lantern" Your Name. (Akane Sasu Sora))

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