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  • Hey Guys!

  • So today I am going to hit the streets

  • and ask some foreigners for their advice on what you should

  • avoid wearing when you are in Japan

  • Now keep in mind this is just tips to make you look

  • less like a tourist and blend in

  • so let's go to see what people have to say!

  • Maybe the tops that are too showy for example

  • or something that might be too tight

  • showing too much breast

  • or showing how much breast the European person has

  • can be a bit shocking to Japanese people

  • that will be watching you very often

  • Definitely no flip flops

  • only closed shoes

  • Japanese people wear semi-casual shoes

  • so even in the summer

  • instead of flip flops

  • they wear proper sandals

  • and crocs are often seen much more worn in Japan than flip flops

  • Something that reveals a lot of skin

  • because they are more sort of conservative here

  • depending on where you are

  • so no short shorts

  • or spaghetti straps, I guess

  • You don't really see flip flops very often

  • and for guys you don't really see basketball shorts

  • Something you should avoid wearing

  • Not a lot of guys wear tank tops

  • Maybe they don't like to show their arms off

  • Some girls in Japan wear

  • a t-shirt under your dress

  • It's a little strange for France people

  • Japanese woman are very conservative

  • so they usually like to cover their shoulders

  • even in summer

  • so in New Zealand I normally wear a legging by itself

  • or like yoga pants

  • however in Japan

  • you normally wear a shorts or skirt on top of it

  • because they have this concept that

  • leggings are like stockings

  • so you wouldn't wear stockings by itself right?

  • you would normally wear something on top of it

  • so the same goes for leggings in Japan

  • so those are the things

  • you should try avoid wearing when you are in Japan

  • now it doesn't mean you can't wear these items

  • because many foreigners still wear it

  • and Japanese people they don't mind

  • However when you are in a new country

  • you want to respect their culture

  • and Japanese people always dress very appropriate

  • so I think it's nice to understand that and

  • understand what kind of items that you don't wear

  • so I hope this video has helped you guys

  • and I will see you in my next one!

Hey Guys!


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在日本不要穿什麼。在日本不要穿的衣服 (What Not To Wear In Japan: Clothes To Avoid Wearing In Japan )

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