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  • Hey it's Abby and today I wanted to talk a little bit about Lego organization. I

  • mentioned when I did my boys playroom tour that I had some very definite

  • thoughts and opinions when it came to organizing Legos and a bunch of you said

  • "can you do a video on that?" so today is the day and I can't wait to get into it.

  • So I will definitely show you the Lego system that we are using currently but I

  • wanted to make sure I said right up front that Legos are one of those things

  • where I feel like it's gonna be different for everybody. The best Lego

  • organization system for you and for your house is going to depend a lot on how

  • your kids like to play with Legos so what's perfect for us might not be

  • perfect for you and that's okay. When we first brought Legos into our house a

  • couple years ago, I was determined that I was going to keep them organized by set

  • so I would put all the pieces from each set in a big ziploc bag and I stored

  • them all in fabric bins in our toy storage unit and that is how I wanted to

  • store them. My boys had other ideas though. They didn't really like to keep

  • putting the sets together over and over again. They were more interested in

  • mixing and matching the pieces and building their own creations so I would

  • get really frustrated because they would get all the Ziploc bags out and mix up

  • the pieces and it would take me forever to figure out which pieces went in which

  • bags. Now if your kids like to build the sets and that's their favorite thing to

  • do that could be the perfect solution for you, but for us and the way that my

  • boys wanted to play with them, it did not work very well and it just caused

  • frustration for me and for them. So the next system I tried was to organize the

  • Legos by color. I had seen it all over the internet. Lots of different people

  • organize their Legos by color and it looks beautiful and it looked organized

  • and so I figured if we couldn't do it by set we were gonna organize by color. So I

  • took a day, I sorted everything out, I used one of these TROFAST organizers

  • from Ikea, and we had all the Legos organized by color. It looked great and

  • we stuck with that system for about six months but what ended up happening

  • that, again, my boys just kind of wanted to free play with the Legos so they

  • would get out a bunch of Legos they would mix up all the colors and build

  • their creations like I wanted them to do but then when it was time to clean up it

  • was taking us a long time to separate all the colors back out and put

  • everything away. So what we would end up doing is it would be bedtime, we were

  • trying to clean up, we'd be in a hurry and we would just leave a pile of Legos

  • on the Lego table pretty much at all times

  • because we didn't want to take the time to separate them all out by color again.

  • It was around that time that I read Marie Kondo's book 'The Life-Changing

  • Magic of Tidying Up' and one of the things she talked about in that book was

  • making sure it was easy to put your items away and when I read that

  • something clicked with me and our Lego system. It definitely wasn't easy to put

  • away with the way that my boys wanted to play with their Legos when we had

  • them organized by color. After we abandoned the color coding

  • system, we pretty much moved to what wehave now and that is we have two TROFAST

  • units and all of the Legos are just mixed together and it's my

  • organizational self that kind of made me cringe a little bit at first but truly

  • that is what my boys wanted. They wanted it all together. They find random pieces,

  • they put them together, they make their creations, and then it's really easy for

  • them to put it away. The only thing we have separated out is we do have one bin

  • that has the pieces for the Lego guys and it's the only one that's labeled. It

  • says "Lego guys" because Caleb, my six-year-old, really likes the guys the

  • best and then he can easily find all the pieces and create little figures. Then we

  • also made a place where they could store their finished creations. So what they do when

  • they first get a new Lego set, they go and they follow the instructions and

  • they put them together and I wanted to have a place where they could display

  • those where they would be safe and wouldn't get messed up. So we put in

  • shelves in the closet in their playroom and so we have a whole display area

  • where they can display their finished creations. They usually stay there for a

  • few months before the boys you know end up playing with them, pieces get broken off,

  • and then they end up going with the rest of the Legos back

  • into the general LEGO fray over here but that has been working really well

  • for us because they can keep the completed sets for a while and look at

  • them and then they just get put back into our system. So the final piece to

  • our LEGO organization system is a way to store the booklets. I just have a

  • little file box in the bottom of the closet. It holds all the booklets. I have

  • them organized by type so all the Star Wars Lego booklets are together, all the

  • LEGO City booklets, all the Ninjago booklets, and that way if they are

  • wanting to look for a certain booklet it's really easy for them to go in there

  • and find the one they want. I have almost been tempted to even get

  • rid of the booklets that we're done with once the pieces are all mixed together

  • but it never fails that just about the time that I'm about to throw all the

  • booklets out they come to me and they ask for one. So, for right now, I'm keeping

  • them. At least they're organized, they don't take up much space, and they're

  • easy for the boys to find and those three blue folders kind of right in the

  • back of the box are different building systems other than LEGO. So like K'NEX

  • and Bionicles and things like that. So those are my thoughts on Lego

  • organization and again what works for us might not work for you. I'd love to hear

  • what's working for your family when it comes to Lego organization so be sure to

  • let me know in the comments below!

Hey it's Abby and today I wanted to talk a little bit about Lego organization. I


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