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  • Lets welcome, long-lasting 6-years couple

  • Please come out

  • Wait wait but

  • Why are you out alone?

  • Sorry

  • Ya! Yah! Faster come out. People are waiting. Faster come out.

  • I fixed my makeup!

  • What?

  • I said I fixed my makeup!

  • What?!

  • I said I fixed my makeup

  • Where?

  • I fixed it

  • Where did you fix?

  • Ahh, I did

  • We think that we are the best couple.

  • Yeh, Yeah, we undoubtedly believe you.

  • What makes you think that you can become the best couple for tonight?

  • With our undying, long-lasting love, we are confident

  • You have been dating for a long time. How did you meet each other at the start?

  • Darling, answer!

  • You say it

  • Darling, answer!

  • I can't remember

  • Aye really...

  • MC: It has been 6 years, so...

  • 2012, he ask me for my number when I was working as a part-time in a cafe

  • So I gave him

  • That is not me, I was in the army then

  • That's you.

  • You meant I've escape from the army??!

  • YA! Am I dating alone???

  • My shirt will tear! You always took my shirts to wear, I don't even have much to wear now...

  • Aiii, the size is the same, so we should share it

  • You even took my panty to wear

  • I thought it was normal pants

  • No, it is not, it is....

  • Since, we are at this topic, buy me some clothes

  • I got no money

  • I lost 5kg!

  • How?? I will look pretty wearing a dress right?

  • MC: Why is she suddenly like this?

  • You said you lost 5kg? Have you lost you toes fats?

  • 00:02:02,525 --> 00:02:05,535 Ahhh!! Why did you hit my nose?!

  • It's okay, your nose is a little big, it is no big deal to hit it

  • If the nose is big, it is fine to hit it???

  • Is this words or fart?

  • You are abusive! People like you should go to the jail.

  • You need to eat some jail rice.

  • JAIL?!



  • HUNGRY! I'm hungry.

  • Hungry, I got angry and now I'm hungry.

  • What do you want to eat?

  • Potato soup?

  • How about pork belly?

  • Potato soup?

  • Pork belly. Potato soup. Eat pork belly... Potato Soup...

  • We think we are the best couple.

  • Don't fight. You may leave.

  • 00:02:55,520 --> 00:03:01,100 Ahh, they are really great, their emotions up and down are seriously...

  • 00:03:02,720 --> 00:03:07,880 It is impressive, how they quarrel so much about everything,

  • They never mention about breaking up.

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Lets welcome, long-lasting 6-years couple


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