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My father taught me many great gifts.
How to build the wall...
TRUMP: We're going to build the wall!
How to get a small loan with a million dollars.
TRUMP: My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars, I came into Manhattan..-
TRUMP: A small loan of a million dollars... (repeat)
How to make fun of disabled people.
TRUMP: Ah, I don't remember...! I don't remember!
Wait a minute... not that one.
But most of all...!
How to be a god damn boss.
TRUMP: I'm really rich...
[Clapping and yelling]
[Phone rings] Now who the fuck is calling me?! Goddamn it, fuck off!
Wait, what's that?
What are you saying? My dad...
...Donald Trump...
...Is in the hospital, and I'm the only surgeon that can save him?
Oh god. This is my calling.
Let's go.
Donald, can you hear me? I'm crying...
But now is no time for tears.
Don't you worry.
I will take great care of you, let me just...
...Let me just touch your face a little bit.
Ohh, ah, let me run my fingers through your hair, Donald. Ahh.
Oh, that feels so natural, it feels so real.
And not synthetic.
It's like an eagle landed on his face and made a nest there.
Don't worry, Donald, don't worry. I will make Youtube great again.
Now, let's have a look at the situation.
Oh god! That is disgusting.
Well! I'm a professional surgeon. I'm gonna have to grab...
...The ninja star. Don't worry, Donald. I've done this never before.
If you die... can I have another small loan?
Okay, I'm just opening up your rib-cage.
Nothing I wouldn't do to myself. Here -
Donald... Have a drink.
It's gonna be okay, Donald. Just have a little sip. Have a little sip sip.
And a little bit of si - And a lottle bit of sip for that.
Don't worry it's health - It's good for you.
It's Donald Trump quality product.
Oops! What item could possibly be strong enough to open up his rib-cage?
Of course! The Trump tower.
No! What about this golden tomahawk.
Shit... we're running out of options.
Oh God, I forgot how difficult this game was.
If anything happens to you Trump, I will never forgive myself!
I am an expert surgeon.
There it is!
The rib-cage is open!
Excellent job, Doctor Kjellberg.
Thank you very much!
I got your lung, Trump. Smell it!
That's the smell of freedom!
It also goes for a great hat.
And a pillow-frame.
We haven't got much time, Trump. America needs you! America's counting on you!
Look you're a unicorn.
Ah shit, I didn't mean to pull that out.
What the fuck is this, Donald? You actually have a heart?
I thought you were dead inside, what the fuck.
This is like that Korean drama I watch, where he gets a heart transplant, and he becomes a good person.
It's actually a really good watch, and I would really recommend watching it.
It's called Beating Again. Like his heart did.
This is my favourite scene from the show. Just watch.
[Speaking Korean]
Either way, there's not much time to waste. We gotta stop the bleeding.
Surgeon Edgar...- Oh god, I stung myself!
What the fuck is this!
Donald... Oh, Donald...
I stung myself, but don't worry; I know what I'm doing.
Yeah, you like that, Donald? You fucking perv.
Oh God, he's bleeding fast... Nurse Edgar, do something!
He's bleeding out, God damn it!
Oh God, he's bleeding more now. Oh God, he's bleeding super much.
Steak! Grab the steak! God damn it, my hands are too tiny!
You gonna live, Trump... God damn it, he died.
What the fuck is making that sound?
Demons are living inside of Donald Trump!
That should be news to no one.
Look, you can wear this as a toupet instead of - honestly, it would look way better.
Okay, I'm going to sting my hand on purpose.
It's tiny now. Now I can fist you, Daddy.
We got it! Oh my God, he's bleeding fast, though!
Gotta get it all out. My hand is fucking too tiny, honestly.
We're losing him...!
Look, my hand is too tiny to...-
I can't reach it!
Nurse Edgar, hurry the fuck up!
What the fuck is this? Golden heart?
Golden heart, obviously.
You're my golden boy. I can't grab it, I can't...
Hand me the scalpel!
That worked! That worked!
The surgery has been successfully completed.
Ah! Yes!
That'll be half a million dollars.
He's gonna live...
All right, bros!
I hope you enjoyed this episode - I can't believe this is real!
I hope they're not gonna get sued for using Donald Trump likeness in this game, that's fucking awesome.
Would you give Donald Trump a gold heart or a stone heart?
Let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for watching.
I am probably the first one to have ever played this game on Youtube, so...
You know that everyone else that's playing this game..- they're copying me.
This mask? Oh, don't worry about it. All will be revealed... soon.
I'll see you bros in the next video. As always, stay awesome bros.


你殺了川普? (WOULD YOU KILL TRUMP?? (Surgeon Simulator - Part 8))

523 分類 收藏
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