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Hi, my name is Saoirse Ronan and today
I'm going to teach you, America, how to
make the perfect cup of tea.
You fill up your kettle to the kind of desired amount.
So this is filled up to 5 cups,
so we can now have a cup of tea.
Guessing that's this thing, press your little on button.
This is a very fancy kettle.
You don't use your kettle to actually serve
the tea. That's wrong. You have a tea pot,
put your teabag in there, you'd have two, usually.
So we're gonna leave that in there.
Got a bit of milk, this has hair in it.
I don't know, that's optional. Just to make
it extra Irish, I have my own potato
that'll be involved in today's tutorial.
Shall I just talk about Ireland for the
next couple of minutes?
Ireland's the best, Ireland is, um, a small
island between the UK and America
the center of the universe basically
it's very green in Ireland. The populations
about 5 million. James Joyce's from there, Oscar Wilde...
shortbreads are not Irish
they're Scottish. Anyway, your kettle's
boiled, you fill up your teapot
have your teabag in there, let it brew for about
3 minutes, make sure it's nice and strong
Pour your tea. Put your milk in
it looks awful from here but the idea is there
Have your cuppa tea,
have a shortbread biscuit, there you go
life is instantly better for you!
Oh my god, the pressure!


愛爾蘭演員瑟夏羅南教美國人如何泡茶 (Saoirse Ronan Teaches Americans How to Make Tea | Secret Talent Theatre | Vanity Fair)

8989 分類 收藏
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