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- Everyone was saying, "How do you pronounce her name?"
And it's "Sur-sha,"
but it's spelled S-A-O... - Yeah.
- I-R-S-E. - Yeah.
- Which makes no sense... - It makes no sense.
- That it's pronounced that way. - It's a ridiculous name.
- Is that a popular--do you know anyone else with that name?
- Um, I don't personally,
um, but there have been a few babies called Saoirse
in the last few years. - Because of you.
- Don't know why, but... - Yeah.
- But, no, it means freedom,
so it's a very kind of import--well,
it's an important meaning anywhere,
but especially in Ireland. It kind of holds a real...
- Yeah. - Importance for us.
- So, Dennis Quaid, at the Golden Globes...
- Oh, my God. - This was the nomination
and this is what he did with your name.
- [laughs]
- Best Performance by an Actress
in a Motion Picture-Drama:
Shesha Ronan,
[both laugh]
- Well? - So, I--yeah.
So, I heard, right?
I didn't know that the Globe nominations
were coming out that day, and I don't like to know
when any of these nominations are coming out
because you get really anxious and then you'll just never sleep
and you'll never have a life, so I didn't want to know,
and the day they came out
I was in Dublin
and I was getting my nails done.
Completely by accident, gold actually.
I was getting them painted gold. - Ah, had I had that answer.
- Yeah. So, I went to this place
that I go to called Tropical Popical
and I was getting my nails painted,
and I kept getting phone calls,
and my phone started blowing up and I was given out.
I was like, "Oh, Go"--I had just come back from doing press.
I only had a few days off.
I was like, "They won't leave me alone,"
you know, and I kept giving out bout Hollywood in general,
and eventually then I answered my phone
and I was told that I had been nominated for a Globe,
and I spent the next two hours,
you know, doing phoners in the corner of this nail salon
with, like, Justin Bieber playing in the background,
and it's called Tropical Popical
so there's palm trees everywhere and flamingos,
and you feel like you're in Ibiza or something
and you're just getting your nails done in Dublin.
- [laughs] - Um, so I'm, like,
in the corner drinking a little tea out of a coconut cup,
and I'm telling everyone how, you know, happy I am and
everything, and Bieber's playing in the background.
But everyone kept saying to me, "So, what about Dennis Quaid?
I mean, that was something else, wasn't it?"
And I hadn't seen the video, so I was kind of acting dumb.
I was like, "Yeah, Dennis. Dennis Quaid.
What a--what a guy he is"...
[laughter] And I had no idea
that my name had been completely butchered...
- Yeah. - On national television, so...
- Well, we learned so much about you in that story.
- My nail routine-- - So, I think you're gonna get
free nails next time you go there.
You've mentioned the name of it--Tropical Popical, right?
- Yeah...Tropical Popical. - Yeah, that's a great place...
- Keep that in. - And you'll probably get your
nails done for free now.
There's a lot of awards shows that you'll be going to.
I'm sure you'll be nominated for more awards.
So, there's--you always, like, what do I wear?
What do I wear? That's everybody's question.
- That's--yeah. - So, I got something for you...
- [laughs] - To wear.
So, it's how to pronounce your name.
- [laughs] - If you'll stand up.
- Oh, my God. - That--and if you--
all right. - It's so sparkly.
- Right, so... - So glamorous.
- It's got everything you need, and...
- It's got--I can't reach the champagne there.
- And then if you just turn around there.
[laughter] It's, uh...
- I would like to thank you... - Yep.
- Ellen, for this. - All right.


【艾倫秀】瑟夏羅南的名字怎麼念? (The Delightful Saoirse Ronan)

979 分類 收藏
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