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  • [S]: Cherry Blossom Season is upon us now. We're about to go on and try some seasonal cherry blossom items right now


  • We're super excited. Let's go!


  • [M]: To the bike-mobile!


  • Na na na na na na na na na!


  • [Funky song]


  • [S]: So this here is Baskin Robbins Sakura ice cream.


  • This has not been on the menu for over 20 years.


  • It actually has cherry and actual flower in here as well, not cooking flour, but like, the--


  • [M]: Cherry blossom ? [S]: Cherry blossom flowers in here.


  • [Simon singing]: I have some ice cream. I have some ice cream. You cannot get none of my ice cream!


  • You cannot have none -- and that's the part of the song where you drop the ice cream, but I'm not dropping my ice cream

    你不能什麼都沒有 -- 這就是歌曲中你丟掉冰激凌的部分,但我不會丟掉冰激凌。

  • [S]: Oh yes. [M]: Wait, wait. I need to take 4 million food porn shots--

    [S]:[S]: Oh yes.[M]:等待,等待。我需要採取400萬 食物色情鏡頭 -

  • [S]: No, it's going to melt! [M]: Yes, I do. It's not gonna melt, you know why?

    [S]:不,它會融化![M]:[M]: 是的,我做的。它不會融化,你知道為什麼嗎?

  • [S]: Why? [M]: 'Cause it's a freezing cold day!

    [S]:[S]: 為什麼?[M]:"因為這是一個冰冷的一天!

  • [M]: I did never have Sakura ice cream, have you? [S]: Me neither.

    [M]:我從來沒有櫻花冰淇淋, 你呢?[S]:我也沒有。

  • [M]: Ever. I don't even know what to expect


  • [S]: Here go


  • [M]: Are you serious right now?


  • [S]: This is actually quite good. It tastes like cherry, but almost like cotton candy.


  • [M]: What?!?

    [M]:[M]: 什麼?

  • [S]: It's a smooth


  • [M]: Is it almost overwhelmingly like when you have a lavender kind of.. or rose?

    [M]:它幾乎是壓倒性的 就像當你有一個薰衣草樣的... 或玫瑰?

  • [S]: Yeah, it's almost like a rose, but except rose food is gross.

    [S]:是啊,它幾乎像一個玫瑰, 但除了玫瑰食品是毛。

  • [M]: So then, this is nothing like rose cuz you're eating it

    [M]:所以,那麼,這是不是像玫瑰 因為你吃了它,

  • [S]: No, very smooth and delicate


  • [S]: Oh let's see, there's cherry parts.


  • [S]: Oh wow!

    [S]: 哦,哇!

  • [S]: Not tart at all!


  • [S]: Nothing about this is tart, it's all just like... smooth.

    [S]:沒有什麼關於這是酸的, 這一切都只是喜歡... 平滑。

  • [M]: Okay give me a piece. [S]: Wait.

    [M]:好吧,給我一塊。 [S]:[S]: 等待。

  • [M]: Give me a scoop. [S]: Hold on I have to keep on tasting it.

    [M]:給我一勺。 [S]: 等一下,我必須繼續品嚐它。

  • [M]: Bring it to my mouth.


  • [S]: Okay here you go.


  • [M]: That is really good. [S]: Isn't that shocking?!

    [M]:這是非常好的。 [S]:是不是很震驚?

  • [M]: It almost tastes like strawberry's best friend. Like it's not strawberry, but it is strawberry.

    [M]:它幾乎嚐起來像 草莓的最好的朋友。就像它不是草莓, 但它是草莓。

  • [S:] You know what it tastes like? It's almost like strawberries and cream. [M]: Yeah. But with cherry.

    [S:] 你知道它是什麼味道?它幾乎像草莓和奶油。 [M]:[M]: 是啊。但與櫻桃。

  • [S]: Oh yeah. [M]: That is lovely!

    [S]:[S]: Oh yeah. [M]:這是可愛的!

  • [M]: I realized we might not have even explained what Sakura is.

    [M]:我意識到,我們甚至可能沒有 解釋什麼櫻花。

  • So you guys might have heard of cherry blossoms before, and they're all over the world but they're really big in Japan.


  • A lot of the drinks and the specialty items in Japan can have a little bit of cherry in them, or actual some of the blossom.


  • This is the Starbucks Sakura and Strawberry Latte.


  • Seems like a pretty great combination to me.


  • It's got these little tiny like white chocolate shaved flakes on top and like a strawberry cherry syrup.


  • [heavy breathing] It's so pretty!

    [沉重的呼吸] 它是如此美麗!

  • Wait before I dig in, let me show you the whipped cream's actually tinted pink!


  • Oh my god, it's so pretty. First I'm trying the whipped cream part.


  • Oh yeah.


  • That's strawberry whipped cream. That's amazing.


  • This feels like something you'd make up in your mind as a kid.


  • "What does it taste like, Princess? It tastes like strawberry whipped cream with cherry shreds on top."


  • You think I can order just like a cup of the whipped cream?


  • [S]: Hi I'd like a coffee, just uh... hold the coffee and put on whipped cream. [M]: No.

    [S]: 嗨,我想喝咖啡,只是呃... ... [M]:[M]:

  • [M]: Of course you can, you can do anything at Starbucks. I'd be like...

    [M]:當然可以,你可以做任何事情 在星巴克。我會像...

  • I want a tall Sakura Latte. No milk, no espresso... Mhm.

    我要一杯高濃度的櫻花拿鐵。沒有牛奶,沒有濃縮咖啡... ...嗯

  • [M]: And then that's it! And then I would just get whipped cream in a cup... Okay.

    [M]:然後就是這樣!然後我就會得到一個杯子裡的鮮奶油... ...好吧。

  • I'm not sure if there's coffee in here, because this is way too delicious.


  • It tastes like if you took a cherry and strawberry flavored marshmallow


  • and then you covered ice cream with that - like vanilla ice cream - and you melted that down into a cup.


  • [S]: How does it taste compared to the Baskin Robbins one?


  • [M]: It's a lot creamier, I can taste more strawberry in here, I think.

    [M]:我可以嚐到更多的草莓味 在這裡,我想。

  • Baskin Robbins one had more of like sharp cherry, like a sour taste at some of the cherry bits, this one's a lot sweeter.


  • But it's not unpleasantly sweet.


  • [S]: I'm now going to try a Sakura Pepsi, this is the first time that Pepsi has ever released something Sakura flavored.

    [S]:我現在要嘗試櫻花百事可樂, 這是第一次百事可樂有史以來發布的東西 櫻花口味。

  • And it's not dark! It's just... pink! [M]: It's so pretty!

    而且它不是黑暗的!這只是... 粉紅色的! [M]:它是如此漂亮!

  • [S]: And on the back, let me see if there's any cola flavor in this... and I have no idea what the hell I'm reading.

    [S]:而在後面,讓我看看是否有 任何可樂味道在這... 我不知道什麼是地獄 我讀。

  • So let me just give this a shot. [M]: Careful its... been shaken.

    所以,讓我給這個鏡頭。 [M]:小心它的... 被動搖。

  • Kinda has a Pepsi-ish - you know what this smells like?


  • This smells like those fake Cola candies


  • [S]: You know those like chewy Colas that you taste? [M]: Oh yeah.

    [S]:你知道那些像咀嚼可樂,你的味道? [M]:[M]: 哦,是的。

  • This smells like that. Okay let me give this a taste.


  • That's weird that tastes - it still tastes... like Pepsi.


  • It tastes like Pepsi but it still has that like light florid feel to it.


  • I would totally dig drinking Pepsi if it tastes like this.


  • [M]: Really? Er mah gerd... Okay. [S]: This is a better Pepsi than regular Pepsi.

    [M]:真的嗎?Er mah gerd...好吧。 [S]: [S]:這是一個更好的百事可樂 比普通百事可樂。

  • [M]: Whoa I need like--

    [M]:哇,我需要like --

  • [S]: How do you even describe that?


  • [M]: Tastes like bubblegum


  • [S]: *imitates Martina* Tastes like bubblegum!

    [S]:*模仿瑪蒂娜* 味道像泡泡糖!

  • [M]: That's exactly what it tastes like!


  • [S]: I didn't think this was gonna have any Pepsi taste at all but they still somehow maintained the integrity of Pepsi, while making it pink and fluffy


  • [M]: You know what's great is we bought this for like a really cheap price and I've seen them online already being, like, sold for $5


  • [S]: We got, like, 3 more bottles in our fridge. If you wanna buy 'em, $100 a pop!

    [S]:我們得到了一樣,3瓶 在我們的冰箱。如果你想買'時間,100元一個!

  • [S]: Get it? A "pop"?

    [S]:得到它?一個 "啪"?

  • [M]: Yes -.-'


  • [M]: Now if you're not into eating and drinking sweet things, maybe you just love cherry blossoms, like me!

    [M]:如果你不喜歡吃喝甜食 也許你只是喜歡櫻花,像我一樣!

  • I just love cherry blossoms!


  • For their deep philosophical representation of how life is fleeting, and we all too, will die.


  • Then maybe you should pick up some limited edition cherry blossom things. Like these sweet shoes!


  • Err mah gerd! Aren't these..gorgeous?

    呃... ...我的胃痛!這些是不是... 很漂亮?

  • Notice how they're on the table because I've never worn them outside of the house before


  • And they're on my limited edition cherry blossom table runner from Daiso for a dollar


  • Beside my limited edition chopstick holders that were also a dollar


  • And I'm going to enjoy myself a limited edition beer, covered in cherry blossoms. Which I don't think is cherry blossom flavored, but it's so pretty


  • Grrrr!


  • Cheers to cherry blossom season in Japan!


  • I will now purchase all your things, Japan.


  • Just beer.


  • Just beer.


  • If you want to learn more about cherry blossom season in Japan, specifically when will the cherry blossoms be blooming?


  • Click on our blog post below and we will have a scientific study, linked to the actual dates of cherry blossom season of 2016


  • Yes there are scientists that do that. That's how important it is.


[S]: Cherry Blossom Season is upon us now. We're about to go on and try some seasonal cherry blossom items right now


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