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  • How many lives do our electronics have?

  • Most, get only one before being discarded,

  • but we believe that if there was a way

  • to showcase their potential,

  • maybe people would think about

  • giving them a second chance.

  • Alright, here is the tour,

  • set number one, circuit boards,

  • set number two over there,

  • completely made out of keyboards,

  • and all the way over on this side we got,

  • set number three, laptops.

  • These sets were made from e-waste,

  • electronic waste given a second chance

  • at one of the largest facilities

  • of its kind in the United States.

  • There I learned that globally

  • while the rest ends up in landfills all over the world.

  • Given to people like Dell,

  • these old gadgets have the potential

  • to be recycled into brand new computer parts.

  • And it's more than just the expensive stuff

  • it's all the accessories that come with it

  • like mice, cables and adapters.

  • All we needed was to convince more people to recycle

  • so we decided to build something

  • people would hopefully want to talk about.

  • Entire worlds showcasing the past

  • powering the future.

  • We built our sets from scratch

  • using simple pieces of wood

  • lifted into position with the help of volunteers

  • that joined us from all over the country.

  • Together, we spent days

  • experimenting with different patterns

  • to see what would work and what didn't.

  • Piece by piece,

  • our structure slowly started coming to life

  • Just like a new laptop, born from recycled parts.

  • From there, all that remained

  • was to add the human component,

  • representing the everyday person

  • which is the most important part

  • of the recycling machine.

  • All the pieces we used in this project

  • were collected by Dell's global recycling program

  • which collects devices of any brand, make or model

  • to be reborn into new computer parts.

  • Although it may look like junk,

  • parts like these old circuit-boards can contain up to

  • Yet we're throwing away

  • these valuable pieces into landfills

  • instead of giving them a second chance.

  • We're just a small group of creatives

  • that came together hoping to make a difference.

  • But we believe that when companies collaborate

  • with the everyday person to create social impact,

  • that's when we can start to build a brighter future.

How many lives do our electronics have?


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我們將一生的電子垃圾轉化為藝術 (4/4) (We Transformed a Lifetime of Electronic Waste into Art (4/4))

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