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There were some bad spending habits
that the rich people avoid and that unfortunately
poor people, middle class people have.
And what I found out
was that wealth, success, being in the middle class,
being poor, is all about your habits.
Emotional purchases. These are, "Oh! I love that
beautiful red dress or that cute sport car"
and you make this emotional purchase, and often times
it causes you to go into debt if they're a big purchase.
But if not, then you are depleting your savings
account and your checking account.
Spontaneous purchases are also a poor habit.
That's something the rich avoid.
Well, this is the very reason why at the checkout counters
they have all of these goodies for people to buy.
The retailers know that the human brain works off
of impulse many times and they'll make this
spontaneous purchase and they add up
and they could really cause a lot of damage.
You want to spend modestly.
One of the smartest things you can do is to
purchase a modest house in a modest neighborhood.
This means you're not only got to have
a lower mortgage, you're going to have
lower real estate taxes, you're going to have lower utility cost,
lower home repairs.
One good decision like that, and it has a ripple effect
throughout your spending.
So those are a couple of the bad habits to avoid.



有錢人都會避開的壞消費習慣 (Bad Spending Habits Rich People Avoid)

214 分類 收藏
jenny 發佈於 2018 年 3 月 7 日
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