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Don't worry.
If you find yourself in any danger, it's from that group.
Right there.
It's great to have you here.
- Hey man, thank you for having me back. - Boy, what a great actor you are.
I have to tell you.
I saw you in Lady Bird before I saw you in Call Me by Your Name and thought this kid is a really good actor.
And then I saw you in Call Me By Your Name, and I was like "Oh, yeah! That's the kid, who was really good actor in the last one!"
Thank you so much.
Two Oscar— I mean, this is, first of all, you are nominated for best actor in a leading role for your first leading role, right?
That's crazy, yeah.
Is that at all...
And I don't wanna—I tend to bring negativity, but, that's why we needed Oprah here,
to wash some of that out.
I can't believe I'm following Oprah.
-How am I going to follow Oprah? -Did you meet Oprah?
I did, I met her backstage.
She has the softest hands in the world.
I'm not not even kidding, she does, she does.
Oprah was excited that you were here.
She told me you were in the commercial break.
Yeah, I mean, she said my name in her voice. I mean, the voice!
Oh, like Timothée Chalamet.
Oh, that's big!
When you come out of the gate like this, do you worry about, like, what your...
Of course I'm worried.
You do.
You know, really I get to be here with you right now.
You know, I'm a big Bill Simmons fan.
Oh, is that right? Bill Simmons from The Ringer, yeah.
Exactly, and this feels so not given.
I was in two independent movies.
The fact that we're getting any sort of love on like main stream television shows. Thank you very much.
Yeah, Oscars are pretty mainstream.
-And you're going to be hosting, right? -I am hosting the Oscars.
This is good, I get to invest some time right now to say please don't roast me with the peach jokes. Please no peach jokes. Please no peach jokes.
Oh, yeah the peach jokes.
For those who haven't seen the movie there's a scene… I don't know, should we reveal that?
I don't know, are we allowed to talk about it?
I mean, we're allowed to talk about it.
Yeah, well there's a scene, where... I don't know how to describe this.
- There's a peach, and in life, one has to explore sometimes. - Right.
And the exploration commences.
Right, exactly.
And so people have been mentioning this to you a lot.
Yeah, you say "Are you worried?". I'm worried like 50 years from now I'll be like, signing peaches behind a desk.
That's your vision of hell?
I guess it would be.
You're at the Hilton by the airport in Burbank.
Yeah, and then Armie will walk by.
-He'll drive by in like a Bentley or something. -Yeah, exactly. Exactly.
”Hey, kid how are things going?“
So fingers crossed that's not going to happen.
No, that's not going to happen to you. Don't worry about that at all.
That is not in the cards.
So you're in a rare position, where you're now a kid, who is suddenly famous and you're amongst these people who have been famous for a long time,
and taking selfies.
Where did this happen?
Do you remember?
-That was at the Oscars Luncheon. -The Luncheon.
I don't want to be cheesy or anything but that really was one of the greatest moments of my life.
It should be one of the greatest moments of your life.
I mean, I auditioned for Steven Spielberg a year and half before that picture.
-You did? -He didn't put me in the movie.
You taught him a lesson.
Well, listen, if I did that, then I will not gonna get Call Me By Your Name.
You know it's a big event when Steven Spielberg is wearing a name tag.
That's when you know you're at something special.
So this is—oh, here's another good one. Here's Kobe Bryant, who was also nominated for an academy award, actually participating in your selfie.
Yeah, I had to get his attention, I was like, Kobe, Kobe!
That's pretty great. I mean it doesn't get much better than that.
Now you're on the cover of GQ magazine.
Don't know if you know this, but...
-I was on the cover of GQ magazine before you were on it. -I know! I know!
But now my face has been removed from all the stands.
And there you are, looking kind of sad.
Not like totally content.
And I think you've plucked your eyebrows a little since then.
Listen, I'm French, us French people get…
What's the plan for Oscars? Who are you bringing with you?
My family, my mom, my dad, and my sister.
Who sits next to you in that key seat?
Oh, god, I don't know yet.
Have you considered making them have a competition to ingratiate themselves to you?
Like King Lear or something.
Yes, make the performance.
They will each have a minute to do something.
- Exactly. - You will deem whoever is worthy.
Yeah. You're right.
You got to bring your mom.
Mom is like, listen, we all literally would not be here without our mothers.
Unless you were incubated, which is fine, too.
Don't want to offend anybody.
Don't think there's anyone in that category.
I think you're all right.
This is one area, which no one is going to tweet about.
The incubees are not going to be a problem for you, don't worry.
This is going to be fun.
I now realized if you are going to be in that audience, I most certainly have to talk to you.
No, no.
You and your mom or whoever in your family you bring along.
Will be my mom.
Well, congratulations to you.
You did an absolutely fantastic job.
"Call Me by Your Name" is in theatres now, with Timothée Chalamet on Sunday, March 1st!



【吉米金默秀】Timothée Chalamet 分享奧斯卡提名心得和遇見大明星的經驗 (Timothée Chalamet on Oscar Nomination & Meeting Celebrities)

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