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  • The Ugly Duckling


  • On a beautiful summer day, a family of ducks is taking a swim while another is enjoying

    在一個美麗的夏日,一家人的鴨子。 正在游泳,而另一個正在享受

  • a stroll by the bank.


  • But one duck is sitting on her eggs among the tall leaves.

    但有一隻鴨子正坐在她的蛋中 高大的葉子。

  • I wonder when my babies are going to come out.

    我不知道我的寶寶什麼時候會來 出。

  • They are taking so long to hatch!


  • It is so lonely, no one has the time to visit me.

    它是如此孤獨,沒有人有時間去看望它。 我。

  • But Mommy duck didn't have to wait too long.


  • Soon the eggs started cracking and the little ducklings started taking small unsteady steps

    很快,雞蛋開始破裂,小 小鴨子開始邁著不穩的小步子走路了

  • out of the shells.


  • Quack quack, quack quack.


  • Oooh, my babies are so beautiful!


  • Now come and line up here all of you.


  • One..Two..Three..FourFive..Hey, there should be one more.

    一,二,三,四,五,嘿,應該有。 是一個更。

  • Mother duck looked around, and saw one egg which had not yet hatched

    鴨媽媽環顧四周,看到一個個雞蛋。 胎死腹中

  • I think I will have to sit again on this egg till it hatches.

    我想我得再坐一坐這個蛋了 直到它孵化。

  • It seems pretty large.


  • Soon the last egg hatched, but the duckling that crept out was large and ugly.

    很快,最後一個蛋孵化出來了,但小鴨子... ... 爬出來的是又大又醜。

  • This little fellow doesn't look like his brothers and sisters.

    這個小傢伙看起來不像他的 兄弟姐妹。

  • The next day, Mother Duck leads her brood to the water.

    第二天,鴨媽媽帶著她的小鴨子。 到水。

  • Oh!


  • I am proud today that my ducklings are swimming so well!

    我今天很自豪,我的小鴨子會游泳了。 那麼好

  • And how well the youngest one is swimming.


  • Come on kids, that's enough for today.


  • We must get to the farm before it turns dark.


  • The duck family makes its way to the farmhouse, where there are lots of other ducks.

    鴨子一家到了農家院。 那裡有很多其他的鴨子。

  • What is that strange looking creature doing here?

    那個奇怪的生物在幹什麼? 這裡?

  • The other ducklings are so cute but this one is so big and ugly.

    其他的小鴨子都很可愛,但這隻小鴨子... 是那麼大,那麼醜。

  • He is ugly.


  • We don't want him here.


  • That's not a nice thing to say.


  • He is still small, and I'm sure he will grow up to be beautiful too.

    他現在還小,我相信他一定會 長大後也會變得美麗。

  • But the other ducklings continued to bully and make fun of the ugly duckling.

    但其他小鴨子繼續欺負人 並取笑醜小鴨。

  • I hope the ducklings stop this nonsense.


  • I can't bear to see that poor child looking so sad.

    我不忍心看到那個可憐的孩子的樣子。 如此悲傷。

  • But as days went by, things started becoming worse for the ugly duckling.

    但隨著日子的推移,事情開始變得 醜小鴨更慘。

  • Wherever he went, everyone was mean to him.


  • Have you ever seen anything uglier than this?


  • Uff!


  • Seeing this creature in the morning, my day will also be as ugly as he is.

    早上看到這個生物,我的日子就好過多了 也會像他一樣醜陋。

  • Ha..Hahe seems to be getting uglier by the day.

    哈......哈......他好像越來越醜了。 當天。

  • The Ugly Duckling just wanted to hide somewhere and cry.

    醜小鴨只想躲在某個地方。 和哭泣。

  • Even his brothers and sisters were rude to him.

    連他的兄弟姐妹都對他無禮 他。

  • Mother Duck was very sad to see everyone treat the ugly ducking so badly.

    鴨媽媽看到大家請客,非常傷心 醜陋的鴨子這麼嚴重。

  • Nobody wants to talk to me or play with me because I am ugly.

    沒有人願意和我說話,也沒有人願意和我玩耍 因為我是醜陋的。

  • I will run away from here.


  • So the ugly duckling flew over the fence of the farmyard, and continued flying till he

    於是,醜小鴨飛過圍牆的。 農場,並繼續飛行,直到他

  • spotted a large moor.


  • He decided to spend the night there.


  • I am so tired.


  • I think I will spend the night here.


  • Next morning, the ugly duckling woke up to the sound of loud quacking.

    第二天早上,醜小鴨醒來的時候,看到了 嘎嘎的響聲。

  • He opened his eyes and saw a flock of wild ducks.

    他睜開眼睛,看到一群野生的。 鴨子。

  • Who are you?


  • What are you doing here?


  • Can I please stay here for a while?


  • I have nowhere to go.


  • You are ugly….(a long pause) Stay here, but don't get in our way.

    你真醜......(長吁短嘆)呆在這裡。 但不要妨礙我們。

  • The Ugly Duckling stayed on the moor for a few days.

    醜小鴨在沼澤地上呆了一個小時 幾天。

  • He felt lonely, but no one bullied him or hurt him because of his looks.

    他感到孤獨,但沒有人欺負他,也沒有人欺負他 因為他的長相而傷害他。

  • One morning, the duckling heard a noise like a big bang.

    一天早上,小鴨子聽到了一個聲音,就像 一場大爆炸。

  • He lay still, too scared to move.


  • When he finally lifted his head and looked around, all the other ducks had fled.

    當他終於抬起頭來,看著 四周,其他的鴨子都跑了。

  • The ugly duckling also fled from the moor as fast as it could.

    醜小鴨也從荒原上逃走了 以最快的速度。

  • It flew as fast as its young wings would take him.

    它飛得很快,因為它的幼翼會採取的速度 他。

  • However, suddenly there was thunder and lightning, scaring the little duckling.

    然而,忽然間雷聲大作,電閃雷鳴。 嚇唬小鴨子。

  • Brrr.


  • I am so wet and cold.


  • That cottage there looks warm, maybe I can take shelter there.

    那裡的小屋看起來很溫暖,也許我可以... 在那裡避難。

  • The cottage belonged to an old lady, who lived with with her tomcat and hen, who found the

    這間小屋屬於一個老太太,她住在這裡。 與她的湯姆貓和母雞,誰發現的

  • duckling the next morning.


  • What is happening here?


  • Why are you making so much noise?


  • What is this we have here?


  • Looks like a duck, though a very ugly one.


  • I know what I will do.


  • I will keep it with me and wait for it to lay eggs.

    我會把它帶在身邊,等待它的到來 產卵。

  • Then I will have eggs from my hen and from this duck too.

    那我就可以從我的母雞和 這隻鴨子也。

  • Ah, but I do hope this is a duck and not a drake.

    啊,但我希望這是一隻鴨子,而不是一個。 德雷克。

  • So the ugly duckling stayed with the old lady in her cottage.

    醜小鴨就跟老太太在一起了。 在她的小屋裡。

  • But here also, the tomcat and the hen made its life so miserable!

    但在這裡,湯姆貓和母雞也做了。 慘不忍睹

  • Hey you, don't you get scared when you see your face in the mirror?

    嘿,你,你不害怕,當你看到 你在鏡子裡的臉?

  • Look at me.


  • My coat is so silky.


  • Look at my whiskers, so long and beautiful.


  • The mistress says my walk is so graceful.


  • You are such a loser.


  • You cannot even lay an egg!


  • Look at my eggs, such lovely big and brown ones.

    看看我的雞蛋,又大又棕的可愛雞蛋。 的。

  • The ugly duckling continued to be lonely.


  • He would sit in front of the window looking at the small pond outside.

    他坐在窗前看 在外面的小池塘。

  • How I wish I could swim in that pond.


  • It used to be so nice when I swam in the cool water back home.

    以前我在涼爽的水裡游泳的時候是多麼的愜意。 水回家。

  • Are you mad?


  • The mistress is not going to let you go.


  • You have a safe house, what more do you want?


  • Behave yourself and don't anger the mistress, the cat, or even me.

    規矩點,別惹怒了女主人。 貓,甚至我。

  • Want to swim, indeed!


  • The ugly duckling felt very, very sad, wondering what to do.

    醜小鴨覺得非常非常的傷心,不知道 該怎麼做。

  • I know this place is safe, but I feel like a prisoner here, being punished by not being

    我知道這個地方很安全,但我覺得像 囚禁在這裡,被懲罰不被

  • allowed to swim.


  • I want to swim – I want to be free to swim and fly as I please.

    我想游泳--我想自由自在地游泳。 並隨心所欲地飛翔。

  • I have to escape from here somehow.


  • So one night, the duckling quietly crept out of the cottage and went in search of a new

    於是,有一天晚上,小鴨子悄悄地爬了出來。 的山寨,去尋找新的。

  • home.


  • Soon he found a beautiful lake where he could swim and dive.

    很快,他發現了一個美麗的湖泊,在那裡他可以 游泳和潛水。

  • Ahhhhh!


  • (Splash) This is such a lovely place.


  • It so good to swim after so long.


  • I hope the other animals and birds here are friendly so I don't have to move away from

    我希望這裡的其他動物和鳥類 友好的,所以我不必搬離。

  • here also.


  • But alas, here too the other animals did not want to be friends with the ugly duckling.

    但可惜的是,在這裡,其他動物也沒有... ... 想和醜小鴨做朋友。

  • Why does everybody keep avoiding me?


  • Just because I am ugly, it doesn't mean everyone has to be mean!

    我長得醜,不代表我長得醜。 每個人都要刻薄!

  • No one wants to play with me or even talk to me!

    沒有人願意跟我玩,也沒有人願意跟我說話。 對我來說!

  • So life continued in this miserable way for the ugly duckling.

    所以生活就這樣悲慘的繼續著 醜小鴨

  • Soon, the seasons changed.


  • Autumn set in, and the colour of the leaves changed from red to orange and then gold.

    秋天來了,樹葉的顏色也來了。 從紅色到橙色再到金色。

  • Winter followed.


  • The forest turned white, and a very cold wind set in.

    森林變成了白茫茫的一片,寒風凜冽。 設在。

  • The dark clouds made the duckling feeling even more gloomy and sad, so the duckling

    烏雲讓小鴨子覺得 更加黯然神傷,於是小鴨子

  • decided to go to the lakeside.


  • And what a lovely sight he saw there!


  • What are these beautiful birds?


  • I don't think I have seen them before.


  • How beautifully they spread their large wings!


  • It looks like they are not flying but just gliding through the sky.

    看起來他們不是在飛,而是在 在天空中滑行。

  • Though the winter grew colder and colder, the duckling continued to swim despite the

    雖然冬天越來越冷。 小鴨子繼續遊,儘管

  • freezing water, and then finally took refuge in some bushes.

    冰凍三尺非一日之寒 在一些灌木叢中。

  • Finally, it was spring again.


  • Plants started sprouting and the sun peeped down from the sky.

    植物開始發芽,太陽也開始偷看。 從天而降。

  • The duckling was so happy that it was becoming warm again.

    小鴨子高興得不得了,它變成了 再次溫暖。

  • Everything around me has become so beautiful.


  • My wings have also become strong and I can now swim in the pond close by.

    我的翅膀也變得強壯了,我可以 現在在附近的池塘裡游泳。

  • Suddenly, the duckling once again saw the same beautiful birds that he had seen at the

    忽然,小鴨子又一次看到了。 同樣的美麗的鳥兒,他曾看到在

  • start of spring, and quickly ran and hid behind some bushes.

    春天的開始,很快就跑到後面躲了起來。 一些灌木叢。

  • Those birds are so beautiful.


  • I better not go near them, or they too will make fun of me.

    我最好不要接近他們,否則他們也會 取笑我。

  • I am so scared that they might even kill me!


  • I am so tired of being picked on by everybody, first the ducklings at the farm, my own brothers

    我已經厭倦了被大家欺負。 先是農場裡的小鴨子,我的親哥哥們

  • and sisters, the hen and tomcat at the cottage, and everybody else.

    和姐妹們,母雞和湯姆貓在山寨。 和其他所有人。

  • I wish I had never been born!


  • (Sob sob sob.)


  • The duckling went to a quiet spot on the lake where nobody could see him.

    小鴨子去了湖邊一個安靜的地方。 在沒有人可以看到他的地方。

  • He was very, very sad, and big fat tears rolled down its face.

    他非常非常傷心,大顆大顆的眼淚流了下來。 從其臉上下來。

  • Suddenly, the duckling saw its own reflection in the lake, and couldn't believe its eyes!

    突然,小鴨子看到了自己的倒影 在湖裡,簡直不敢相信自己的眼睛!

  • For staring at him in the clear water below was his own reflection, no longer a dark,

    因為在清澈的水面上凝視著他。 是自己的倒影,不再是一片黑暗。

  • grey bird, ugly and repulsive to look at.


  • Instead, he had turned into a graceful and beautiful swan.

    相反,他已經變成了一個優雅和 美麗的天鵝。

  • The ugly duckling had transformed into a beautiful swan!!

    醜陋的小鴨子已經變成了美麗的 天鵝!

  • All the other swans came to greet the newcomer, and stroked his neck with their beaks.

    其他天鵝都來迎接新人。 並用喙撫摸著他的脖子。

  • Finally, the ugly little thing was accepted and loved by his new friends, to whom he belonged,

    終於,這個醜陋的小東西被接受了 並受到他的新朋友的喜愛,他屬於他們。

  • the beautiful and graceful swans.


  • A family with two children came to see the swans swimming.

    一家人帶著兩個孩子來看 天鵝游泳。

  • Look, there is a new one.


  • Father, mother, come here, there is another swan.

    爸爸,媽媽,過來,還有一個人 鵠的。

  • A new one has arrived.”


  • The new one is the most beautiful of all.


  • Oh, he is so young and pretty!


  • The swan did not know how to react to so much praise.

    天鵝不知道該如何應對這麼多的事情 讚美。

  • He felt shy and tried to hide his face.


  • After being mocked and taunted and bullied for so long, he couldn't believe he was

    在被嘲笑、被嘲諷、被欺負之後。 這麼久以來,他都不敢相信自己是

  • being appreciated and accepted!


  • And he was actually being called beautiful!


  • I never dreamt that I would see a day when someone would call me beautiful!

    我從來沒有想過,我會看到一天,當 有人會說我漂亮!

  • I wish I had received the same love and affection when I was the little and ugly creature, I

    我希望我也能得到同樣的愛與關懷 當我還是個又小又醜的生物時,我... ...

  • wouldn't have spent such a sad childhood.


  • Why do people treat others according to their looks?

    為什麼人們會根據自己的 長相?

  • That is so, so sad!


  • The Mermaid Princess


  • Good morning, mother.


  • Where are my princesses?


  • Oh, they are all doing their work.


  • You have brought up my daughters well mother.


  • Yes, they are growing up to be beautiful and wise mermaids.

    是的,他們正在成長為美麗和 聰明的美人魚。

  • The six beautiful mermaid princesses come gliding into the queen's chamber.

    六位美麗的美人魚公主來了 滑入王后的房間。

  • Grandma, look at the beautiful things we have collected.

    奶奶,你看我們有多漂亮啊 採集。

  • The queen looks at her youngest granddaughter.


  • My child, you do not seem to have brought back anything.

    我的孩子,你似乎還沒有帶著 回任何東西。

  • Grandma, the beautiful red flowers outside the castle give me more pleasure.

    奶奶,外面的紅花真漂亮 城堡給我更多的樂趣。

  • And I am happiest when you tell me tales of the wonderful world above the sea.

    我最高興的是你給我講故事的時候 海上的精彩世界。

  • You shall see everything once you turn 15.


  • Oh grandma, that is so long, long away.


  • Till then your sisters will tell you what they see.

    在那之前,你的姐妹們會告訴你什麼。 他們看到。

  • When the eldest princess turned 15, she rose above the sea to see the world beyond.

    長公主十五歲的時候,她起兵了 在海面上,看到外面的世界。

  • Hello grandma.


  • Oh, dear sisters, I lay on a sandbank under the shining moonlight.

    哦,親愛的姐妹們,我躺在沙岸上,在沙岸下。 皎潔的月光。

  • I saw glimpses of a town and heard the sounds of music, and I even saw carriages go past!

    我看到了小鎮的一瞥,聽到了聲音。 我甚至看到了馬車經過!

  • Soon it was time for the second princess to see the world.

    很快就到了二公主的時候 看世界。

  • When I rose up, the sun was setting and looked like a ball of orange fire.

    當我爬起來的時候,太陽已經落山了,看著。 像一團橙色的火。

  • Soft clouds floated about lazily, and a flock of graceful white swans flew past.

    柔和的雲朵悠閒地飄來飄去,一群群 婀娜多姿的白天鵝飛過。

  • It was like a dreamland!


  • It was now time for the third princess to rise to the surface.

    現在是三公主的時候了 浮出水面。

  • Oh, dear sisters, I swam up a wide river.


  • You cannot imagine the sights I saw!


  • Green hills, magnificent trees and plants!


  • And I even saw little human children!


  • But then a weird creature came running towards me, making awful noises, and I had to quickly

    但這時,一個奇怪的生物跑過來 我,發出可怕的聲音,我不得不迅速地。

  • swim away.


  • The children were asking why the dog was barking so much, so I guess that horrible thing was a dog

    孩子們都在問為什麼狗會叫? 那麼多,所以我想那個可怕的東西是一隻狗。

  • Soon came time for the fourth princess to venture forth to see the world.

    很快,四公主的時間到了 冒冒失失地去看世界。

  • But she was very shy and just stayed in the ocean.

    但她很害羞,只是呆在裡面。 大洋。

  • Er, well, I stayed in the middle of the ocean.


  • But I did see some naughty dolphins splashing.


  • There were also some huge whales, but I was scared to go near them.

    還有一些巨大的鯨魚,但我... 害怕靠近他們。

  • What!!


  • You really did not go near the land?


  • How can you be so boring?


  • You can see the sea anytime, you silly thing.


  • Then the youngest princess turned 15.


  • Well, my precious, your dream is now going to be fulfilled.

    好了,我的寶貝,你的夢想現在正在進行中 要實現。

  • Go


  • The princess rose above the sea.


  • Ah!


  • The colour of the sea is like emeralds, the icebergs look like beautiful pearls.

    海的顏色就像綠寶石一樣,是的。 冰山看起來像美麗的珍珠。

  • The stars above are glittering like the diamonds on grandma's tiara!

    上面的星星像鑽石一樣閃閃發光 在奶奶的頭飾上!

  • Soon, the princess' curiosity was aroused by a ship afloat nearby.

    很快,公主的好奇心就被勾起了。 由附近的一艘漂浮的船。

  • She swam close to it, and every time the waves lifted her up, she could see the people on

    她遊得很近,每次浪花 把她抬起來,她可以看到上面的人。

  • the ship.


  • They were singing and dancing, as though celebrating.


  • What beautiful clothes they are wearing!


  • Suddenly, the princess saw the most handsome young man with beautiful brown eyes.

    忽然,公主看到了最英俊的 年輕人有一雙美麗的棕色眼睛。

  • As she was gazing at him, everyone on the ship started clapping.

    當她注視著他的時候,每個人都在。 船開始拍手。

  • The princess realized that this grand celebration was for his sixteenth birthday.

    公主意識到,這個盛大的慶典 是為他的十六歲生日。

  • Oooooh!!


  • He is sooo good looking, and such a sweet sixteen to my fifteen!

    他長得很帥,而且很可愛。 十六比十五!

  • Suddenly, the calm of the sea soon turned into a restless grumble, and the lashing waves

    忽然間,海面的平靜很快就變得 變成一個不安分的抱怨,和抨擊的波浪

  • and heavy clouds and lightning indicated a massive storm brewing up.

    和烏雲密佈、電閃雷鳴的跡象。 巨大的風暴正在醞釀。

  • The huge waves tossed the ship about, and the ship tilted over.

    巨大的浪花把船翻來覆去的翻騰著,。 船傾斜了。

  • To her dismay, the princess saw the prince sink into the deep waters.

    令她失望的是,公主看到王子 沉入深海。

  • Oh, my darling prince is going down into the ocean.

    哦,我親愛的王子要下到... 大洋。

  • Maybe I can now live with him.


  • What am I thinking of?


  • Humans cannot live under water!


  • I have to save him.


  • The princess looked frantically all around and finally spotted the prince.

    公主瘋狂地環顧四周 並終於發現了王子。